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Hey what part of Michigan you know. What's it's a good restaurant to go to? And they recommend to go there you know rather than what the local recommended. It's there's just something about when you have something in common with people. There's just a little bit more trust. It just seems to be human nature and I guess that could be misplace. You have to be careful but it's just it's just the way it works. So that's why it's so important to do a little research before you reach out to people There's a lot of reasons why do that. One is say you're more relevant. Went another is because you have that in common which creates trust. Another is to make sure that that you know a little something about and they see that you're actually taking the time that this isn't just a copy and Paste Lincoln campaign that you paid some kid you know ten cents a name to do So one of the things things I found by the way And I kind of stumbled on this actually on how to make lengthy and work a little bit better is is a series of really really easy yeses in other words. Sometimes people ask too much like if you reach out to someone linked in and and let's say you're doing her all right. You have something in common and all that but if you're I request is to schedule a phone call at usually too big of es for I ranger and so you've got to think of what's what is a smaller thing that I can offer that they might be interested in. That's easy for them to say yes to which is maybe sending them something checklist You know if you if you're a real estate agent could be you know how to make sure you select the real estate agents is or how to price your home properly for the market so something of value something simple and easy to consume so it's a series of very small easy yeses S.'s. Until people get a feel for you and then it's it's easier to go for the big you know it's like dating right. You know you you go out in the first time Um you just you know your your Google is each other the second time you go out and maybe hold hands maybe not maybe a way to the third day you know but it's it's a series awesome small yeses and a lot of folks go to too far too fast basically like the first date and you've got the you know the wedding ring in your pocket and you're proposing to the girl and she. She's struggling going through her phone. Trying to remember what your name is and you know you real. She's he's really hoping that you will pay for dinner so she can try to glance at your credit card and you know maybe she'll jokingly grab it say I'm GonNa use this for later. Ha Ha and then she looks looks at the car just to get your name in. I'm not. I'm not trying to give anybody any hints. But the these are some tips and techniques. If you can't remember bird year of Now if it's your kid or your spouse you're on your own for figuring that out but the end of the day. Yeah it's it it again it. I do that unlinked into if I you know if I'm connecting with somebody with obviously you know hopes to maybe connect with them down the road. It's it's just you know. Get to know what you know what. Their interests are cinnamon article or a worksheet. Her our subject matter or and ask him you. What's what's keeping them you know? Just whatever the whatever feels right. Yes it's individualistic okay. Yeah you've got six thousand Lincoln connections and you're you're are hoping that you're going to land some of them as clients. Don't don't do a broadcast. That's that's just spam But you know the one on one the in be different You'RE GONNA have more work than you'll know what to do with if you can differentiate and and connect with people at a level that they wanna be connected at no no no question so bill. Where can people find out more about you? In the Austin work that you're done why portray asking We've got a couple of things as we got a A new guy that all your.

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