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Dot com. Three O one two three O roof because with roof masters, the proof is in the roof. 8 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Mary de pampa in the traffic center. All right, John, thanks and a long growing delay that's interstate 95 in Virginia after an early morning fire from the 2 o'clock hour. It was a tractor trailer in Stafford county. They closed the roadway at one point, diverting all traffic. It has since cleared from your travelings, but unfortunately the delay is now southbound. Once you've passed the triangle exit, hitting the brakes through much of Quantico, Stafford county, passing the one 40 exit where the truck clean up was just about a mile and a half past here. Again, they reopened the lanes, and now sporadic slowdowns ahead into spottsylvania county passing route one. Northbound, nothing reported, easy pass express lane, yes, they do point southbound. They put you right in the heart of that delay in Stafford county with about a mile and a half backlog, route one has been the bailout of choice. Now on route one south before you get to 6, ten garrisonville, that's the report of a crash. Anything joining 95 from centerport Parkway in southern exit 17, all viable options are workarounds, no incidents reported at least, same with three O one at the nice Mac Middleton bridge. In Maryland 50 east has been slow from about route two, heavy and stretches passing cape saint Clair to the baseband three lanes are now going eastbound after an early morning crash here, but it is a long holiday weekend more delays ahead

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