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In Kentucky a group of coal miners is blocking a coal train they've camped out on the tracks images show them standing on the tracks even playing corn hole on the tracks in front of a coal train and the miners say they will not leave until they're bankrupt employer black jewel pays them here's WMM tease Sydney balls hi honey Kentucky this modern world has a long history of labor activism in the latest protest drivers honked to support coal miners who since Monday have staged a sit in of sorts as many as twenty miners have blocked a railroad in Cumberland Kentucky they've been sitting in chairs are parking tracks across the tracks they've kept a train full of coal from leading a plant the miners now bankrupt in player black jewel coal hasn't paid them for almost a month actual is the nation's sixth largest coal company and its bankruptcy has rippled through local communities and more than a thousand Appalachian miners and their families minor selection Smith say they won't get off the tracks until they're paid if they can lower trying out they can give us our money Mr of a hundred and fifty miles round trip to work at a local mine the father of six says he scraped together enough change to travel to the protest minor body sextant says his bank account is short thousands from the loss of work my family is hungry man and I will do whatever it takes to the freedom I don't know if I'll go home if I don't play is also here to whatever despite efforts by the trump administration to support coal production some coal producers continue to struggle mining company Blacklock also declared bankruptcy this month and more coal fired power plants are starting their doors are converting to natural gas Blackpool did not respond to specific questions about the protest but the person who was C. E. O. until a month ago Jeff hoops says he's frustrated really sorry this reaches for an employee at the at some blacks will this week said it's working with the bankruptcy court to allow employees to tap retirement savings in there for a one case to access money immediately as for the current blockade of the Coltrane it's unclear who owns the cold and weather reading it through would help these miners eventually get the money they are owed for now they have no plans to leave the tracks for NPR news I'm Sidney pulls in Cumberland Kentucky now this afternoon All Things Considered several food companies have vowed to stop buying from farmers who cut down trees in places like the Amazon and they're.

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