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You can hear the umpire a little bit more. You could hear some conversation that's going on. I mean that crack of the bat so much louder. And although you know I'm a sports fan, but it is my career. I've grown up loving sports. You know, would love to be able to attend, But I think there's been some kind of cruel aspect under the circumstances as well. And I think all three leagues about some real positive things that they've done so far. Just trying to protect the athletes and has many health and safety protocols in place they can, but so far, you know, it seems like no positive test in either the MBA or NHL at this point You know, you mentioned the crack of the bat. So I guess we have to bring up the subject that you may have been waiting to talk for for a bit for a while tonight. That's how about the red hot start by your Chicago Cubs? They didn't been played well tonight, but there they haven't gotten off to a really good start. And it's really pitching. If you look a statistically the top five categories for pitching their number one in three and number two and two and They looked again. Jose Quintana back in the next, maybe in the next couple of days. I think the big thing for the Cubs, though, is their bullpen. I mean Kimbrough, a $43 million.3 agent signing last year. I mean, he did not pitch well this year, he has been not good. They've tried to give him opportunities to close. It hasn't worked out. He's given up a lot of hits a lot of runs. I think they need to kind of share up. But back into that bullpen, they went out and they've signed a couple of guys today, but they need ah, closer and you know they had talked about Chatwood. Potentially. He got lit up today and gave up a run. I mean, Quintana, the answer or again, I'm going to say it the trade deadline in baseball. Is the 31st of this month. So are teams who are playing really well on this print, not marathon. Are they going to go out and maybe make that move Because they can at this point, and don't forget the playoff format. If you're the home team if you're the better record, all games in that first series are played in your ballpark, So it's kind of an important part as well. Maybe get that home field and have all three games potentially in your home ballpark. You know, that's interesting. You mentioned the trade deadline and then you brought up the subject that I was going to bring up in connection with the trade deadline. And that is because there are 16 teams this year. They're going to make the playoffs instead of just 10 teams. There may be more teams in contention that make the playoffs at the trade deadline. Then in years past, it might be even harder to make an acquisition to both her up a bullpen require a key key and one thing that you have to be encouraged about for the Cubs. He was all on the spur. Start. Yu Darvish. Please come back in his next few starts. He's looked pretty good, like the kind of picture they were hoping for when when they acquired him. He looked really good, Andy. We knew he had the stuff. We came back from the injury. He's a strikeout pitcher. Um if he's got everything going, he's He's one of the tougher guys to hit in the league. You've got Kyle Hendricks. You got you got a veteran and Lester. I think you know, Jack would have pitched well. They were opened. They'd have Quintana before the the the field injury. You've got Mills, who's pitched good, But you look at that bullpen and most people can't name. You know, three or four guys in the Cubsbullpen right now. They had really hoped that Kimber would be the guy. You're getting starting pitching that is averaging over six innings for game, but you really need again to sure up the back end and and I think it's going to be interesting to see which teams and where they're seated and you're right. A lot more teams will be in the postseason, so which teams will make that move, But you're still going to have the wind. A number of of Siri's compared to what you had to win in the past. So are you willing to give up assets to potentially be done after a three game series? It's going to be interesting and fun. They're all fluid guys. Ah, lot of things that we had to get used to, and a Justin and Kenny said, information era. There's so much out there that we stand top of and we know the guys on the other side of the counter are as well. And Chuck, you know, in a 60 game season every game matters, But when you get help from teams that nobody's really expecting to win many games, teams like Detroit and Baltimore got off to a good start. And then Miami goes down with the covert just two in one, but they bounce back and take four straight from Baltimore. All of a sudden, you've got some of these teams that were supposed to be doormats winning some games. How important is that to the book? This time of year? It's vitally important, Kenny like in any sport, I think they have some parity, but I think more So in baseball, you know, we've always talked about that. It's kind of the have been have not at some point in the season. Sometimes it starts earlier, sometimes after the All Star break. It's the one sport without a cap. So you've got teams that are spending way more than some of their other teams are and you know, we looked at it, you know, going back a couple of days. You had teams that were on, you know, five in six game win streak, you know, 82 or nine and one in their last 10 games and teams that had lost 34 and five games, So it's a sport where not only are they looking at the pictures, but they're betting against teams that are on a positive streak and against teams that are negative streak, and it seems the happen more frequently in baseball. So you know, having a little bit more parity. Having teams like Baltimore and Detroit and forward I kind of get out of the gate quickly and play better is definitely a good thing for our side of the counter. Two questions that are related. Chuck, What are you thoughts on the seven inning games when we have to play a double header because there'll be more of them coming up as there been any noticeable difference in the action on those games. Where are they basically being played like any other game? Just two instead of one for a day for a couple of teams. There definitely has been questioned and E of what, like the interpretation is Ana on run line in total, and how it works. You know, we actually address it in our house rules are able to kind of give give the gets a copy of our house rules and review at them and talk to them. I'm fine with it again. I am just happy that baseball is playing, but there has definitely been some questions. Have you have you put up run lines for the seven. Any games? I think told her up. Oh, yeah, We definitely and I think seven and 7.5. But what? The station's policy on those Dubliners. It's the same thing. I mean, a game has to go. It least you know, 6.5 innings or 4.5 innings. Um, and if it doesn't go, you would have no action as Faras. The total and run line goes But everything else is basically the same as a nine inning game, so just reduce, basically, for those those seven any games. They take nine innings instead of going in, and we have to go 6.5 Correct, Correct Run Lina and total see up better correct Chuck. One of the great things about stations properties is that you can mix and match..

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