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Something else happened it as huge we talked about a McCabe McCabe is going to be on sixty minutes on Sunday, we talked about how did you watch is still, you know, putting foia requests in and things are starting to close in on all that let me rephrase this. I wish they were close again, but we're peeling back more layers of this onion. Well, William buyer was confirmed by the Senate for attorney general, and I think that this might be huge. This is President Trump's attorney general this is the guy who's replacing ROY. I should say who promises to let the Mueller investigation approved just run its course. And that's probably a good thing to do at this point. But William bar is a someone who is respected by both sides of the Iowa this used to be but something unusual happened. You had three Democrats who crossed over to vote. To affirm William bar today. You had Senator Doug Jones. Senator Joe Manchin, and you had Senator weight-for-age Senator Kirsten cinema who actually who also avoided for this confirmation and something is going on with represented Representative. I should say Senator Kirsten cinema. I'll try to catch up with it. I'm a I'm going to be honest with you. I am. But. Is hard. I don't know if she wants to come into the conservative circus at talk about her actions over the last couple of weeks. But for the moment, she's shot up started applaud President Trump during the state of the union address. And one of her fellow colleagues stood up and told her y'all you better watch assets. We don't know if it was a threat or whether it was just a warning. Now, we have a cure cinema voted to confirm William bar, the president's choice for the new attorney general. It's rare that we well. You know, what I don't want to jinx this. I do not want to jinx this. So I'm not going to. I'm just I'm finding I'm finding the actions of Senator cinema very very fascinating. And I must admit refreshing. The gotta talk about the green plan the new green deal and how it's being received Mitch McConnell. I think had a stroke of genius. When he's called on calling on the Senate to vote on it. And we're also going it's Valentine's Day. So I have a special Valentine's treat for the audience in the conservative circus. So make sure you hold on. We'll be we'll we'll roll these things out at four. Sorry, six fifty six fifty. It's forty four minutes after the hour time for us to check in with eastside. Westside traffic..

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