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Hi now it's time for our roundtable discussion which are really excited about hs year twenty a just turned thirty over here and i feel like especially for women this is such a critical point where used to start to have all these feelings especially around lake society's expectations about you know partnership mary ed's kids via la even career expectations and so one of our contributors on the website ahn's albacom recently penned an article entitled you don't need to have it altogether by thirty that was really popular yeah it was really good yeah a lot on those good at i feel like a captured a lot of our sentiments i'm and sparked a lot obree conversation so that is thinking about just like how we can come together i feel like you a woman that's been really successful in your 28 years today but you're still east jill create this elevated bar for yourself absolutely to push and do more and go far are there so do you feel like your life is where you thought it would be at 28 when you were younger oh my gosh i'm looking back on when i was eighteen and i'm going to think i was thinking ten years ahead surprisingly asia's like you know it off college burn up you know give this piece of paper eighty thousand dollars um but it's not and i'm happy that it's not a name at this particular point in on the keep it on your like um women i was in college you know i would come home for bray gin family would be legs are you taking anybody in was going on them like jassem me to the school in the middle of new york yes to get this degree i'm about to be distracted by these you know l really not iras you i college under gear ashes eggs super super fokker i i mean i made a whole bunch of friends i was involved in absolutely every day.

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