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By a Russian hacking group calls itself berserk Bear and, according to a report in the online publication the intercept, It's actually traced back to mid October and appears to have been used as a jumping off point for even more attacks. And that intercept report says berserk Bear could actually be part of Russia's federal security Service. You know, it's actually not the first attack linked the Austin this year, hackers tied to another group out of Russia were able to gain access to the U. S. Treasury and Commerce Department by planting malware and a software update from Austin based solar winds and solar winds is used by major companies all across the world. The intercept report says the city of Austin actually became aware of this breach on October 9th and the council even had a closed door meeting about it shortly after it was briefed, said he hasn't denied that it was attacked. But it has not confirmed the report that it was actually a Russian attack. In a statement, the city says, quote Austin's one of a number of municipalities working with federal authorities as part of this investigation. The city has not had a loss of personal information and are critical systems have not been affected in quote. Yeah, there you go. Thanks, Patrick. Okay. Xia has also reached Down to the FBI on this case, And while a spokesperson said she would look into it, she added, The agency typically doesn't confirm or deny any kind of investigation. Now a city I P address was part of the list compromised. What M s t I C documents. They indicated all of this now close to 100 Malibu air samples were found to be communicating with that address. According to the intercept. Yeah, the intercepts of the malware is still interfering with the city's network and was reported recently as of this month. There you go. Jump in here at 51283605 90 toll free 8775905525 stay with us. We'll take a look at Austin's on time traffic. We got your forecast straight ahead as well. And you stick around at 609. We got the rush. Updates. Straight ahead. Right here on news Ready? Okay, LBJ, Todd and don show prescription place before you drive the all new Nissan Rogue. You gotta ask yourself. How rogue are you gonna go? We talk and be one with nature in.

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