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APP for the kids. To where they can log into their half, and you see their active. and. They're actively watching the game. They're checked and maybe your percentage to our ten percent of. You know everybody to twenty percent for KS eighty percent for your business. And then that kid wins the foul fall in what you could also do. Ten Kids my South Ball. They could have Indiana where they submit their videos. Still saying hey. My son, for instance go. Hey, my name's Eli. I like. Joey votto foul ball, maybe pretty cool I like that because what we're doing years. The reason I thought of this to begin with I just watched the ball just kinda trickled down the stands over the weekend with nobody there and I thought man that experience will be missed this year. And then I said so we we gotta be able to do something to tie in the reds with kids and raising money for the reds community, Fund and I just think. Is You know in? In a typical real in a typical game, the reds, you're never going to get that ball back with fans in the San Suu in this case, take advantage of the fact all those foul balls will come back to you. Hand them out in some way shape or form you put smiles on. Kids faces, and in some parts of it. Raise money for your community. I think everybody would be happy. Apples and I I. Love You I love your angle of the APP and tying in with a connecting to the game, watching the game listening to the game, and if you're doing that, we're going to reward you with an opportunity for a foul ball from that game. You are watching. That's a win. Win Getting kids watching baseball absolutely, and you can have a banners on on top of the screen for your safety I'd say bike from so and so just want us out ball, and then right before you cut to a commercial, you can have a video of child thing. there. I I like it Matthew. My thought it'd be cool if it went if they do something for all of them. That'll be to where you could actively have something forever. Yes, a network connection between kids and the game. Absolutely. Yeah, thanks, Matthew I mean he makes a great point. I mean they should be league wide thing because every ballpark is going to have how many somebody look up the average number of foul balls hitting the game into the stands that now we're going back to the teams. Turned into something I. Don't WanNa. Say profitable. Yeah, turn it into something profitable in terms of growing young fans Finley. We go John Welcome to sports talk. Day Lance how you doing good. What do you think about Paul O'Neil? Hall of fame for the reds are not. That's a that's A. that's such an interesting topic. Because there'e right off the top you think about all, said well. Yeah, why not, but then you back and He really didn't do that much with them. He had like you said he was okay with the Reds I. Think even by a good chunk of his career. He was kind of a platoon guy. Yeah, yeah, for the reds and yeah, he. He did pretty much everything actor after his days in in Cincinnati Fars on the major league level. Him. He hadn't tapped into things while he was here. It clicked for him once he left and Kudos to him I just don't think hall of Famer for a franchise. It never really kicked into gear for Ya. Absolutely and and obviously like you said with him a kick from right field. Remember him that and you know the guy that I kinda I kinda run a little bit parallel to him. Although all had a lot better career with the reds in this guy did was member Edwin Encarnacion yes. Yes. He was with the reds. It was like we couldn't get rid of him fast enough and actually the Blue Jays I. Think released him. Then when he got when he went back to them, it's like the light switch went often that guy. What's he have like three or four hundred career home runs him over four hundred. Not He had a phenomenal career after. Cincinnati, but like. His is number. Block better, but yeah. And then just one quick quick. It's art for me. It's hard for me to believe that that blue. Open. John I lost you we'll. We'll pick up the blue jays thing tomorrow night, but you were in and out of that I lost. We'll head down the stretch. Squeeze in on this date and our things up on. Sports, presented by Kill C.. Chevrolet seven hundred. WWL.

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