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Hi i'm cody goth host of the curiosity podcast every week we talked to experts who can make you smarter about the world with a timely blend of culture life hacks and science and technology new episodes every tuesday and you can listen and subscribe for free everywhere podcasts are found on the westwood one podcast network the jericho network on westwood one tall aw ricco all right well with talk is jericho it's the pot of thunder and rock and roll home of the duff mackay gin joke in the week chris jericho it's cation call you i'm somewhere on the the i ten in the high desert of new mexico on a gas station right now i'm just driving just driving wouldn't let you know cosco's my house yesterday morning and this hey your doctor outside chasing people buying i told them don old bikes thank you my dogs don't bikes either i liked that one duff coming through in the middle of rehearsals for guns and roses given us a great joke every week here only on talk as jericho we loved off keep them coming that we love the jokes we loved guns n roses are getting ready for their summer tour and a headlining appearance at the download festival and fosse getting ready to appear again judas rising tour starts up again in august in the states but we got a lot of stuff going on in july also in the states and we're going all across europe we got rock usa and oskoui on july twelfth july thirteenth rock fest and wisconsin fourteenth fifteenth belvedere and then from the twenty sixth of july we do the pheasant festival hungary prague in the czech republic rock of ages in germany's zurich at work twentyone rock planet at penelope cervia italy slovenia vakhin berlin bajo schaumburg spain alcatraz bloodstock get all those gig in for.

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