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And it's it marks the start of national suicide prevention week and just some of the experts and musicians and celebrities that will be on hand include Mike mccready and stone gossard from Pearl Jam and Michael Phelps the gold medalist Olympian and Michael Shenandoah of the Lincoln park and Jared Leto who's an Academy Award winner. Actor and lead singer of thirty seconds to Mars and guys from stone. Temple pilots and third eye blind, and nothing but thieves and all the intercom stations to my best of my knowledge or airing this at seven AM on Sunday this Sunday September the ninth or you can live stream it at radio dot com. Now, I don't know who in our audience would listen to that at seven o'clock in the morning. But I just withdraw it to your tension. If you've ever had those thoughts go through your own head. Listen to this. Or if you have family members that you worry about or you just need to get some awareness seven to nine o'clock seven AM to nine AM, you won't miss Sunday morning on CBS. I don't think you'll miss any of the finals of the US tennis open. I think that's a basically a time period that if you sit back, you just might go learn something, including some of the intricacies of how to deal with people who are suicidal, and how to phrase things things that you can say things that you maybe you shouldn't say phraseology that comes to your mind. That might not be the best use of words. We've kinda the tutorial on some of this. They've sent some literature down the pike to us. And it's kind of interesting and the more I read it. Sometimes I looked at it at the beginning. And I thought to myself that's just being nit picky. Then I kind of figured out that these are people that probably have more experience with this than I do. And mental health is something that we talk about every time there is a school shooting. There are people that start to stand up and say, why don't we do something more about mental health?.

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