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With the plea to lawmakers the AP soccer Madani has the story felonies Floyd says he's tired of the pain after people are killed during interactions with police I'm here to ask you to make it stop stop the pain he tells the house Judiciary Committee his brother needs to be more than another face on a T. shirt another name on a growing list of people to watch in the streets I tell you enough is enough chairman Jerry Nadler's hearing is the first after Democrats introduced a broad police reform and accountability package today we answer their call Republicans are working on their own proposals even as president trump squarely sides with law enforcement Sager made Ghani Washington chief Medaria Arradondo says the Minneapolis police department will withdraw from police union contract negotiations he wants to see reforms following George Floyd's death there is nothing more debilitating to chief from an employment matter perspective that when you have grounds to terminate an officer for misconduct can you dealing with a third party mechanism that allows for that employee to not only be back on your apartment but to be patrolling in your communities he also wants new ways to intervene and spot bad officers treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin says the economy needs more help but any legislation should be targeted whatever we do going forward needs to be much more targeted particularly to the industries and small businesses that are having the most difficulty and and re opening as a road the result of covered nineteen retail sales were lower the nation's biggest owner of shopping malls Simon has scrapped a three point six billion dollar deal to buy a major rival the chair of the Republican National Committee says Jacksonville Florida is the front runner to host the GOP convention Charlotte North Carolina backed out after demands from president trump this is ABC news comments about George Floyd have led to our resignation the founder and CEO of crossfit was reportedly caught on as you called it was posted by buzzfeed in which he told some crossfit affiliates we're not mourning for George Floyd I don't think me or any of my staff are if you hours later Greg Glassman made a glib response on Twitter to a post by the institute for health metrics and evaluation which said racism is a public health issue Glassman's reply it's Floyd nineteen in a second tweet he criticized the group's quarantine model accusing it of attempting to model a solution to racism his tweet sparked a social media backlash and a wave of affiliated gyms cut ties with his company Reebok also dropped its affiliation with crossfit on the company's website Glassman said he would retire he had apologized for the tweets saying he had made a mistake and should be more sensitive but he denied being racist I'm Jennifer king Starbucks says it expects to lose more than three billion dollars in revenue in its fiscal third quarter because of the corona virus but expects losses to subside as the year goes on I'm a Donahue APNews thank.

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