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Seed in the NFC I'm Anthony Salter long Serbia's former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum this is football frenzy on ESPN radio the ESPN app and Sirius channel lady present about progressive insurance all callers be the shell pencil performance line the forty Niners as you just heard the update ten nothing now over Seattle early in the second quarter affect the quarter just started Jimmy awful per perfect seven for seven eighty eight yards thus far redeem most third three carries twenty four yards and if you're wondering March on Lynch is active to Kerry's seven yards for the newly signed former and now current Seattle Seahawks the NFC playoff picture is not like the AFC playoff picture which means it's not set we're waiting on the results of tonight's game to know where teams are headed the New Orleans Saints as of right now are the number two seed and they are root rooting for the Seattle Seahawks come back because if the Seahawks beat the forty Niners they'll clinch the NFC west what will be the number three seed meaning that the saints will be the number two seed and have a buy in the wild card round this saints Mike Tannenbaum committed just eight turnovers all season that's the fewest in league history the previous center for record of ten we sell by the twenty ten New England Patriots and the twenty eleven San Francisco forty Niners regardless of what happens tonight or let's say the forty Niners hold on and beat the Seahawks and again they're up ten nothing early second quarter are the St still the team to beat the NFC I think so what's really remarkable about that stat if any is five in doctor breeze I know how hard it is to get a quarterback let alone to change have three that would take some hill that have a historically low amount of turnovers and to do it with teddy Bridgewater playing five games hats off to Sean Payton and those players that's really an incredible job that team you think about it the last couple of years that team went to Minnesota had the Vikings Pete they were done and then of course the Stefon Diggs touchdowns at the end of the game the Minnesota miracle that eliminates the saints last year the saints are hosting the rams in the NFC championship game and have the rams beat and of course with all the new cal Roby Coleman non pass interference call sets the rams off the gold overtime to reach those interception saints was another heartbreaker for that seem to go back to the playoffs following two absolutely heartbreaking devastating losses in the playoffs Mike is very impressive drew Brees what is three and the same times one day juries following the game says he's tired of hearing that they're only good at home a lot of people talk about the Superdome in and and obviously talk about us being a dorm team and you.

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