Arizona, Senator John Mccain, Gabby Giffords discussed on Dave Ramsey


We'd get an excessive heat warning in effect until eight o'clock tomorrow night. It'll be sunny and hot both today and tomorrow. Today's high 113 1 11. Tomorrow we'll have a clear sky and 90 degrees overnight tonight. Whether brought to you by Howard Air. It's 12, 03 and 109 degrees in Phoenix. Arizona votes the widow of Arizona Republican Senator John McCain played a prominent role during the second night of the Democratic National Convention last night. Katia, our political analyst, Mike O'Neal, says Arizona Senator John McCain's widow Sunday. Delivered an emotional and personal message in the video without political endorsement. Implicitly, there's the message to people you Khun Trust Joe Biden, and that is a powerful message. Senator John McCain passed away August 25th two years ago in Phoenix Jump crossed our news Arizonans have been prominently featured during this week's Democratic National Convention, and that will continue tonight. When former congresswoman Gabby Giffords gets her time in the national spotlight. Jeffords is revered in Arizona Valley political consultant Former state lawmakers stand. Barnes expects to hear Giffords deliver a middle of the road message tonight. That's who she was as a state representative, state senator and as a representative in Congress, and I think that's the foot forward, the Democratic Party must put forward for visible voters that are interested. Barnes also thinks her husband, Democratic Senate hopeful Kelly could get a boost from tonight's speech. Jeremy Foster, Katie our news. There's a controversy over mainland voting right now. President Trump doesn't want it. And Arizona is no stranger to mainland voting, and that could be a good thing for other states. Where's Luke? Force Ner is live at the news center with the story of the great thing about Arizona is we've got a lot of experience doing this Maricopa County recorder, Adrian Fontas says They're sharing that experience with election officials around the country. These conversations have been on, so we're helping boost them into where Arizona is all over the country and working together either all bipartisan efforts And our system was put to the test in the primary 94% of voters voted early live in the new center Luke Force ner Katie. Our news eyes on education. Arizona State schools two per intended. Kathy Hoffman is criticizing President Trump for the rally he held in Yuma yesterday. Hoffman tweeted this morning that holding the event during the Corona virus pandemic was reckless. Put lives at risk and further delayed in person learning. Hoffmann claims that Arizona had one of the worst cove in 19 death spikes in the world over the summer, which resulted in 4000 deaths and is the reason why schools should start the year with distance learning. The Joo Combs Unified School District in Santana Valley could resume classes as early guess tomorrow. The district's governing board is meeting tonight at six o'clock to come up with a plan which Superintendent Gregory Wyman hopes will be implemented tomorrow. That depends on what the discussion is went tonight, but our goal would be to have something going on Thursday. In person. Classes were supposed to start this past Monday that but they had to be canceled along with online classes after too many teachers called out, saying that they didn't feel safe. Returning Firefighters are battling to lightning caused fires that Maybe affecting roads that you might drive on The salt fire near Roosevelt. Blake has state round 1 88 closed and state run to 88 both closed in the area. There's no estimated time to reopen either highway.

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