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She made it a concerted effort decision to focus more on directing over the last fifteen years than actor director in directing all sorts of things i should not direct this though this came to her in the story goes that she stumbled across upon the script that drew pearce had written called hotel artists which if you're not familiar with it it's that movie they might have seen a trailer about or heard about which is it's like a hotel slash hospital for criminals the john wick world it's very similar to that john wick universe that you and i both said was probably the best part john wake but spent any time there with the coin the coin gets you in to the rules no kelly very very similar this is a grittier darker version of that but drew pearce didn't know jodie foster heating send her the script he's still the story is what they say the qa he still doesn't understand how she got the script or maybe he does but they wouldn't say he's being they're all being cagey jeff goldblum was that craig thala to this whole thing but apparently they're out there you need give it with friend but he's made nothing but shorts which is interesting it's very interesting so she came upon it and she said you know what i wanted to make this and i wanna start it now here's the problem the star the lead is an older woman probably in her late sixties early seventies jodi not that yet from what i've seen you kind of ugly.

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