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I'd like to I'd like to actually not say an effort word for those ten hours. I'm going to be with these people really know. Now, I I'm not there to entertain them there too would naturally draft a shit team. But when you do live drafts with friends, it's all fun. These are fans that are going to be awkward and bummbly even more reason for you to fill in the that's when I shut down, and I become a ni-. You know, I'm very pleasant person. Really see I would have predicted you. Well, we'll see we'll see what else. See I cut. There's pictures. Lamp shoot under really this is hack. Panicked. Crazy character work doing balloon animals. It'd be nice guy. Elliot will be the auction air that'd be fun, obviously, three months away from this doing this on March thirtieth. So we got a little bit. We got all the January February March, it's countless we're okay, cool. I haven't gotten into calendar for the year yet. So thank you for. This is the first year, by the way in three years that we're not we don't have Hamilton calendar at our house. Oh, Hamilton calendars, the past three years, the I mean, they're still making them you can make you can get a two thousand eight I've got it. Hey, I got a for at least for Christmas. I got her the two thousand nineteen Tommy boy calendar, see, you know, I've had the Tommy boy calendar for the past year in the office. And how jealous I'm like. I should have just kept that one of your favorite movies. I think it's very funny. I mean, I'll favorites that's strong. But but enough that you want a photographic evidence. You look I just think it's funny that there's a calendar for two thousand eighteen of Taibbi. Okay. It's ridiculous. I may not get the humor may not. I mean that about the calendar and possibly the movie. Yeah. It's it's so random it's such a random. It's it's bizarre. Yeah. It's not even like, I feel like even those Adam Sandler movies like Billy Madison is probably I mean, Tommy boy people like as a cult classic. I guess, but it's not like even the biggest cult classic of that era. Instead Dennehy Brian Dennehy, the father and that one the next one. No, it's bright from black sheep. Yeah. Black sheep, legitimately stinks or does. Yeah. That's the one that. I I had I had three call backs for a role in that. And it was a role that, you know, a nice size role. And it was like at it was on the paramount. That's where I was at the paramount lot. And I I hadn't been auditioning enough. We're like I wasn't. I didn't know how to do. So I was actually auditioning better than I could do today. If that makes sense like my head didn't understand what was happening. Where I walked out of and to this day love it. And I give this guy full credit win the paramount toward tram came pass me. And the guy goes one of the many actors on the lot. I gave a little wave. I I wanna meet that guy that guy again, that's twenty. When did that movie come out nineteen ninety six six seven? Yeah. It was early on me living here. So that stories like twenty three years old and. Anyway, was yeah, we go to the paramount lot like three times I had to go there for the casting then callback for the studio. And then the director there was a third reason. Which is using the case there's but and I forget what the role was. But it was like truth is whatever role. It was could have been like, maybe there'd be different Korea. Could've started a role of getting parts. Black black sheep set. Right. Still the same the same two guys running for office. Yeah. That's what it is fierce directed. It. Actually, it was additioning to play Penelope's ferris. She uses direct. Very she directed Wade's world for that too. But there's a campaign managers is that something. I think David spades the campaign manager. Okay. You might have been like the bad guys. Maybe that's what it was. Remember, I was still drunk at this point. So I don't that's why I don't remember exactly what this was. But I think I was it was his maybe additional nemesis is that possible or they wanna see my height may have helped because of spades height. I think that might be part of who was the main bad guy was a Garib UC. Yeah. Maybe. I don't know there's Robbie Megan..

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