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All right. Randy. When Randy reaches scores coming up. We're gonna have a big update about the big game in north western Oklahoma alva- in Fairview that went down to the wire that's coming up. Let's get you some updates from class b and c as we were when we last convened here on the broadcast Davenport and Alec in class b this one is finally a final they have stop scoring points at Davenport eighty two fifty Davenport wins number two Davenport. Now four no I lost for number four LX there. Now to in one also do have a final between caddo and thacker Ville, two Owen? Two teams Sackville actually in class c caddo with their first win in big fashion on the road thirty nine to nothing got a final in that one. Let's go and pick up where we left off in class b central Marlowe gets their first win of the year. They beat class sees temple forty four to eighteen Schneider. In sixty two yards of total offense. He at three hundred sixteen yards rushing and he had one hundred forty six passing eight touchdowns. Wow. Six on the ground in two passing. Well, that's pretty good. He made the leader in the clubhouse for our pride tonight finals player of the week. That is, sir. That's video game numbers. That's like when you turn it on easy mode, or whatever. Right. Yeah. All right. Let's go to class. They're only a few games that are strictly class c including number one song creek hunter, they beat deer creek Lamont and the and the always exciting consolidation bowl. Fifty four to nothing pond creek hunter now three deer creek Lamont at one and three Graham Dustin is now four no they beat independent Emmanuel Christian seventy two to forty number. Four Tyrone all over Saint John's military in Kansas AB, eight to six the final score and that one IRO now three and life Christian and independent. They beat Wilson of Henrietta thirty eight to eight and only one game of note that we have final and the independent ranks. And that was actually from last night as Oklahoma school for the deaf one big over Missouri deaf, seventy two to forty five and that's what I got for BBC and independent. What do you got for the two way? Right. Yeah. I'm gonna go to a two way because we have that report from Craig Kilman from the big game out of the northwest. Oklahoma and alva- and Fairview. Fairview moving up from class a to take on alva-. The gold bugs rank fifth in the state in. Okay. Preps ninth in AP and the alva- trying to get to three and and they do that with a thrilling twenty seven twenty six win over Fairview. So I've gotta run down. What happened in that game from K L vs Craig Gillman Craig tonight. The avocado bugs welcomed back home to ranger fields of Fairview yellow jackets after but on the road last week with a tough win over Tonga. Thirty six to thirty tonight was the renewal of the longtime rivalry is the eighty first reading between the goal of the yellow jackets tonight. And this might have been one of the best ever in the series Gobert jumped out early were they six play fifty one yard scoring drive Ensley scored with three eleven to go in the opening quarter to take a seven nothing lead. Fairview. Struck back on a twenty yard rushing touchdown from their quarterback, Dillard. Go bucks with retake the lead late in the first quarter on a Kate Hensley sixty three yard touchdown. I would miss the extra point that would be a key play as Alba would chase those points. The rest of the way Fairview came right back. They Diller chat golden twenty four yard touchdown pass. And their extra point was good. Giving them a fourteen thirteen lead over Alba. The gold bugs though, late in the half. With twenty eight yard touchdown pass from senior quarterback Mitchell Meyer to sophomore receiver. Gavin Peres two point conversion failed though and album nineteen fourteen. That would be the halftime score. We were not done at all though as Fairview would come out of the second half. They would score on a long drive to take the lead twenty two nineteen and then the score just stalemated for most of the third quarter until the fourth goal bucks. Finally retook the lead with about five minutes to go camping off a huge thirteen play. Seventy two yard drive senior quarterback Mitchell Meyer doing it again with a seven yard rushing touchdown go. But it's got the two. Point conversion, they lead twenty seven to twenty Fairview would come right back and score. However, it was thirty rushing touchdown from Jay Jones. They would go for two instead of the tip to kick the extra point go. Buck defense held and Alvis still had a one point lead. And then the goal bucks. Now they had to had to hold again. It's very you went for the onside kick and picked it up album defense so held on the fourth and one from the thirty eight and a gold bucks. Ran the clock out prepares alva- came away with a razor thin went tonight over twenty seven to twenty six gold bucks. Now three and next week. They're back at home, but they'll open up class district one play against Tennessee. This is Craig Kellman for K LV radio. Andy Friday night final. All right, Craig. Thanks great game out in northwestern. Oklahoma at alva- tonight, some of the other two and scores shadow Christian remark and saw beach bags Twenty-eight Twenty-one begs ranked third in the state in class a in the okay preps poll second in the. People losing shallow Christian twenty eight twenty one. It was caney valley over a liberty fifty five think liberty coming up from class a class as central Sallisaw playing at shadow and central Sallisaw wins at forty one to seven great game tonight between Colgate and atler. This one went into overtime and Colgate wins it thirty eight thirty two. It was tied fourteen all at the end of regulation, and then they went into overtime ends up. Thirty eight thirty two Colgate. With a win playing at Antlers Walters from class moving up a class to play Comanche and Walters with a forty seven to fourteen win Fairview and the album, you just heard from Craig Kellman Abba with a twenty seven twenty six win Healton losing the tissue. Mingo tonight Tisch were they thirty seven win over class as Healton Hobart also playing in class a ten. From two hundred twenty one to fourteen in a pretty good ball game. They're Hartshorn beats Henrietta tonight. Fifty two thirteen Holden Ville playing at a Tokyo and the cats I go down to Holden Ville, thirty eight to thirteen Hugo losing two Okie mass.

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