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The ages of eighteen and twenty four the other thirty of the designated for women over the age of twenty four city of Palo alto could take the unique step in its efforts to stop teens from vaping considering fines for using E. cigarettes in public councilman mark Tanaka tells Kate axes been talking with students in the city professional fund is really actually from device because inside a tight talked with which that lucky you tried banning it but it's really not doing anything because it's it's so excessive all right now we have to do is we have to connect it from a kind of a cool thing not a big deal have a thing to or even touch the accepted to something which makes a lot tougher statuses city council staff is looking at how the funds might be enforced and how much that would be says a fight could also bring Perrin awareness to the growing problem federal officials say three people worked as drug dealers in San Francisco supplied Fenton would kill the father is thirteen month old son the defendants are charged with the distribution of factional resulting in death these federal charges carry a maximum sentence of twenty years imprisonment at U. S. attorney David Anderson says Patrick o'neal purchase the drugs from the defendants the day before Anderson says it highlights a growing problem in San Francisco when it comes to fat no an open air drug market o'neill is son Liam were found unresponsive in their Santa Rosa home back in September the inside the home and his father died two days later after he was taken off life support coming up at the bottom of the hour at the latest the the Democrats attempts to impeach president trump right now it's two twenty five seven.

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