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The military in burma in maher mar sat on sign sukey sue sued key down and said here's what's going to happen you know you're going to do what we want and if you don't you know you're going to die your family's gonna guy you know we're gonna pound salt on your in your in your yard you know and she's just this is my guest because she always was an ethical principle person now she's behaving like you know yeah she's she's just she's she's behaving like a total toady for the military got corrupted in the last hour talk about how concern should be the judges and the first second quarter all to be nominated i are we we should be insanely concerned about this this was part of the powell memo you know when when lewis powell in nineteen seventyone wrote his infamous memo one of the things he said that the the business community had to do was takeover federal judgeships because so many business deals and up in federal courts and so you know and out of that came came the the oh what's the name of this the federalist society the federalist society came i believe came out of the powell memo and now more than half of all federal judges are federalist society members and the federalist society is sort of like the john birch society for lawyers and and that's the group from which republicans draw their pool of potential judges and and you know we've been citizen united like like the pipeline in tacoma's all the decision's gonna end up in court and i think is very concerning that trump is staffing and filling all these digits with people who have a very pro business very conservative view you know and it's thirty i think it's something that we should be concerned about.

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