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I'm Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by Texas native Hardwood march. Second teenage boy is now under arrest and charged in connection with the mass shooting. Downtown suspect is a 17 year old and now faces aggravated assault charges. Austin Police Association president can cast says this will be a real test for the new Travis County District attorney Jose Garza. I can tell you that we put aggravated robbers and people to commit aggravated assault in jail almost daily and this D a court system, let him out on PR bonds because they don't feel like since they haven't been convicted yet. They want them to be at home cast. A says the police are doing their part in arresting violent criminals, but says the current court system is failing. John Cooley, NewsRadio Kale BJ. The victims of the weekend shooting may never walk again. Jessica Ramirez was celebrating her 34th birthday when she was shot. Her family says Ramirez does not have health insurance. With budget talks on the horizon. The future of police funding in Austin remains in question. Council members like Greg as our stand by their decision. And to cut staffing and funding from a PD last year. Others say they want a BD fully funded and staffed now, especially following the weekend mass shooting. Kerrie Roberts of the Greater Austin Crime Commission tells CBS Awesome that shooting should serve as a jarring wake up call for the council. It is an opportunity for us to take a sober look at our public safety resources. A total of 18 people were shot over the weekend across multiple shootings. Budget talks will get underway later this summer. Patrick Osborne NewsRadio K will be Chance. Trash and other debris have been cleared away from the Austin City Hall following weeks of people living illegally in camps. Matt Malika with the ending community Homelessness coalition tells cave you He does not know where these folks are gonna go to answer that is trauma inducing for everyone, mostly, and, more importantly, for the folks. You are being asked to get up. Move there. Stop. Seven people were arrested. 804 now at K LBJ. Here's Austin's on Time Traffic.

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