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Memorial british asian journalists safra's monza and our bruce springsteen changes like there's any good it's a lotta fun scaring the charter who made bend it like beckham and it's back to that not very kind of mainstream light feel good spirit but you know i'm seeing the music's fantastic she wanted to get permission to use it by sort of stalking him on the red culpa vehicles on film but actually this week tremendous and but you you have to be prepared for it to be massively cheesy but at the same time it really captures again a sense of time time and place in spirit and the idea of just being so overwhelmed by the discovery of a new artist when you're a certain age near teenager femi bit awkward and it literally changes your life and it communicates that so beautifully how does it fit in with <hes> you know yesterday and <hes> you know bohemian rhapsody seventies rothfield god is great. It's a feel good movie. It does seem to be a bit of a trend. I would say it's better than yesterday. It's a tighter script. It's a bit stronger <hes>. It's it's not as richard. Which i think is a good thing <hes> yeah i i think if if you've got an interest in music and interesting feelgood movies check it out so i was like what what what what people who have zero interest in breese. He's the manager. Springsteen will will this convince me to the calls. I don't think it necessarily well but i think that it will. It will remind did you of whatever autism is the equivalent so whatever your obsession is you will understand. It reminds you. Sparks and suada okay onboard ease big enough for both selected by the bird right. That's enough wallowing in the past. Let's have some contemporary pop music. We always ask the guests to bring an june aiming ford. What are we for us today. Today i have brought in the new single. <hes> by <hes> the trick named <hes> buster buzzard buzzard. Hey are from welsh wales from bari. I believe relief may have on this new single love forever east fantastic. There wouldn't roenick glam revival weevil band but they aren't tremendous tremendous fund lawyer. I believe i dragged under harrison to see them and he had a damascene moment. I'm loves him as well and all the plane tony levin these and they're basically just incredible ridiculous stadium show with just for were kind enough damn nerds from wales on. They reut very very good pop songs. One full posit buzz buzzard love forever. Excuse <music> now come back with us to the house in days of nineteen. Ninety-one fringes fringing feedback is feedback on on the thames valley is alive to the introspective sound of the shoe gaze. How does that fit in with now right are about to release. This is not a safe place. Their second can album since getting back together in two thousand seventeen. I'm with all of alternative music going wolf t- an unfocused the time seems right can mark gardener andy bell and the rest connect. Elect the shoe gaze to the new gays. Let's listen to one track. This is repetition jay in.

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