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We've got college men's basketball tonight here in the state for two ranked teams the Kansas jayhawks have their home opener tonight up in Lawrence K, you ranked number one in the nation hosting Vermont. Both teams are one and OJ. Hawks are favored by eighteen and a half points. This is the campus round of the IT season tip off. Here's the stats. Steve Kansas jayhawks have won their home opener forty five years in a row in Allen Fieldhouse. They haven't lost a home opener since nineteen seventy-two. Wow. Yeah. Impressive g the jayhawks in Vermont tonight. Live pregame coverage begins at six thirty this evening game will tip off at eight o'clock listened to that all on sports radio k f h twelve forty AM ninety seven five FM, Kansas state is home tonight. Eleventh ranked Wildcats hosting Denver. Both teams wanna know like the jayhawks. K state is also an eighteen and a half point favorite at home tonight. K state has won twenty four straight non conference home games. That'll tip off at eight o'clock tonight in Manhattan. Little hockey yesterday downtown entrust Bank arena and the fans got treated to a tight shootout game. Then the thunder snaps a five game losing streak and beats the Allen Americans five to four and shootout thunder was down with a minute and a half to go. But but got a game tying goal. Travis Brown with a fifteen to go and regulation scoreless over time. And then Greg chase for the thunder. Got the only goal in the shootout under goalie Stewart's Skinner perfect stopped all.

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