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Know a lot of you've read the story of Ruth before. And probably like may have been struck by this minds kindness. Probably ask the question. Why in the world was he's so nice to her. I mean, this is going way beyond the requirements of the law way beyond the requirements of the law. This is grace filled stuff here. And there was a number of reasons as you read through the rest of the book that you discover some reasons why he was nicer there's a reason that I've never even heard explained before the just jumped off the page as I was reading scripture this last week that I think probably had a lot to do with it. I wasn't even reading the story of Ruth reading the genealogy in Matthew's gospel real exciting reading if you skip over you miss some stuff, and I noticed who Boaz his mother was and I think this is a huge hint. As to why he was such a gracious, man, boas. His mother was Rahab member Rahab Rahab was prostitute. And please note she wasn't a prostitute. Because she thought that would be an exciting life. She was a prostitute. Like all the other prostitutes in the ancient world who got so desperately poor and so hungry that she decided to sell her body to survive. That's why she was a prostitute that she was a prostitute in Jericho member and before the Israelite army can they sent some spies, and they got in trouble, and she protected them and she said to them. I know you guys are coming on or you're going to win when you win. Will you please be nice to me? And they said we promise when the Israelite army came and destroyed Jericho, they protected her. So it says in Joshua chapter six verse twenty-five, but Joshua spared Rahab the prostitute with her family and all who belong to her with her family and all who belonged to her because she hit them in Joshua had sent his spies to Jericho and she lives among the Israelites to this day. Did you hit that last part and she lives among the Israelites to this day to day of writing not only did they spare her they looked at her. Her city was destroyed and they said, hey, come live with us. It'd be nice to me you kidding. Where Israel we're going to show you grace. Yeah. We're going to be good to you. And she started new life with the people of Israel. Somewhere along the line. This boy Boaz was born and he probably heard stories of her former life and she shared with him. How incredibly gracious God had been to her to the people of Israel. And so this was a family that had experienced God's grace. And is he grew up and became a man of means am absolutely convinced that one of the reasons that he was kind to women like Ruth is. Because his mother was like her once and someone else was kind to her you see once we have received grace, we are capable.

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