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I personally have never tried it on. I don't have experience that. I knew that some physicians use it in their practice, but I think that everything that is used topically only has at success rate of about fifty percent. And so it could work for something bullet might not work for others. Ultimately, if you're using it, you know it has only fifty percent chance of working. So I think with hair, of course, a lot of people try different things, but ultimately, anything topical usually has penetrated like ineffective about fifty percent, flip a coin. I gonna be one of the two people who gets hair growth from using pedestrian that might be worth it. You could try. I think you could try. But again, here you're, you're sort of covering up the symptom without really addressing the issue. I think the greatest thing that you can do is really address the issue from the inside out and not to say that you can't add onto it. There's lots of people that do you know, hair loss multifactoral in the same way you can use a multi modal approach can also use. Peer people. See, no supplements. You could do other things. I don't know. I don't have first hand experience. I know that a lot of our physicians do use it for some patients, but it's not as communist. I would have expected it to be at had such a wide such a great effect. It would have been used by many more people. I would also suggest people may get their progesterone levels, tested thirty highs, not going to be a good idea. I did buy some over the counter cream and I smeared it on my forehead for a couple of weeks. See what happen. And what happened was I smelled like a lavender really heavily. The difference, but maybe empty. Is it for a couple of months and maybe need a higher strength? I didn't get prescription, so I'm prejudgments very powerful anti-inflammatory. I did take it orally after I had a a substantial traumatic brain injury. Couple years. I've talked about that on a few other podcasts with JJ virgin, and Mark Gordon and all. So it can have a powerful way to just turn off at inflammation. But same thing turn off inflammation to keep your hair right now. That's okay. But you might want to turn it off permanently at the source instead of blocking it. I'm curious about topical protester on, and I was if your lab show that you're not high for just road anyone. Try smear it on your scalp. You're gonna have Chrissy hair if you do it, but who knows? Maybe it's worth it, but you should have the building blocks of healthy hair. You should be controlling your cortisol levels and things like that, which is the direction that that you've taken with the neutral supplement, which is kinda cool. You wanna really cut it from the beginning when quota solid produced, it's steals from progesterone, and that's really what happens when you're chronically producing KOTA Saul, the body will respond by stealing from progesterone because it come from from the same precursor and and that's the root of the issue. Most people who are who are heading Loker just who have estrogen dominance result of that. What about coloring your hair. Good for your hair bad for at least you're. Well, it's not good, but I do it. So I can't really talk against it. I think that the less you do to your hair, the better it is. So if you're going to color it, I'm a big fan of not of not being really black and white about anything. The color red hair. Just for burning a black and white means that you're going to be more stressed out about following certain roles and being sort of, you know, allowing yourself to do certain things is fine not to be crazy about it, but what I do, I call him I hair, but at the same time I don't do anything else to it. So I let it be curly forum. So a lot of people is blow dry. They're straight, and that's the thing that we do. We have salons everywhere you can get it done every day. Now this whole thing about social media in how you have to have a good hair day every day. So that's all actually what it's doing is it's a, it's compromising the the scalp itself. So the more products you put in the, the heat from the blow drying everything is really causing inflammation and free radicals in the south..

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