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Look, we've talked a little bit about the Paul, George, it's the closest scenario, right? I mean, even particular guy who talked about coming to LA and then decided to stay after that one training year. I do think that Paul, George is a different kind of guy than Kawhi. Leonard Pau gets very sort of involved with the people around him, and it made sense to me than hen Russ form this great bond coli has been a great teammate for his time in San Antonio, but just hasn't been as entrenched in his teammates lives. You know, it's a track record as as maybe PG has. So I'm curious to see sort of how he meshes with these guys. Better. But I think Russ in Paul, George probably go back to their teens being Southern Cal guys, Los guys does co I have that would call our didn't grow up together is not the same. Let's see how they end up meshing. I to me, that's going to be a big deal as to whether he could sign there too. How he in Calla records. You don't have to be friends which are teammates or get along with. You know, it's a working relationship. You know, not everybody gets along that's going to be on his comfortably. You know how he feels about the city family, and we all got along. We all got. Get along with everybody back man. Along with everybody, and I think how they finish Paul, you have announced the head if that teams in the finals. At the end of this year, you know, it's kinda hard to walk away from them. So I do think how they ended up finishing is gonna make a big difference for them to, let's get to the Cavaliers because Kevin Love's signed a four year, one hundred twenty million dollars in July. He now clearly has the keys to the kingdom over there. No, he's been his team's primary offensive option since Minnesota. We have spoken so many times. Are we seeing Minnesota Camelback? He's been working out. You saw him at the top of the show in those videos with the guys down in Miami. What do you think you get get Minnesota back Mark? Wild rice soup there. He was a bigger guy. Cleveland Cleveland, much better. Get you a snack during. Much better save. Now, I think he's going to have a great season. I think he's gonna be a great fantasy pickup because he does everything like, see, Colin Sexton fits with him. That's going to play a lot, but you don't get all the shots he wants. He doesn't have to stand in the corner anymore. I love to leadership. He's showing bring it on Miami. I think he's going to do well by the team does well. I don't know. I think you'll be well definitely put up numbers, you know, he's still twenty ten guy in this league, but he's got a carrier all of the low. You know, he's gonna see double teams. Now, you know he's going to be the focal point offense. So the defense is going to be all over him. Now, instead of their teaching LeBron or win kyri was there and other guys, he's going to get a lot of tension so, but he'll still be able to put a big numbers. That'd be interesting if he makes the all star team numbers numbers. Goodies year. Has a lot to do with your your team success also Sexton. Yeah, very competitive point guard really have impact Cleveland New banner. That's the donor Cleveland, which if you cover the NBA you've Cleveland a lot. The last day hate, there's a huge bridge. They're not too far from the arena and the these giant sto Aqaba. LeBron brought a championship to leave that up. Energy, Sherwin Williams building. They the banner down the statue. That's the giant to you really thought they should just leave that up when he plays for team in another city. Players on is their season? Well, they'll be able to stop. Let's see how the Browns coast. I mean, it could lose last week. They didn't lose all. Going to be amazing coming up. His key says that Mavs rookie Luca dodge reminds reads the pick and roll like Chris Paul. That's a lot to. Players ever. So we'll discuss that after the British. Him pipe guy. That's a lot..

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