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Dominated Montreal. The abuse that was that those guys on Montreal took last night I was. There is no answer. There's there's no. One on Montreal. That's going to step up to that that get I call it the game within the game. Patrick Maroon Sear neck. I mean, yeah. Knee gored. Coleman Barkley Gaudreau. They were just all over. Montreal's smaller players. Yeah, the okay so and there was no pushback by Montreal because they don't have the push back. They don't have the guys a few things. The ribs. One, um Yes, Camp A was was was playing physical and it helped him. Um, that also put Suzuki and cold Caufield and Tower to Foley in the in a bad place. They they did not play well, they've been their best line for these playoffs and especially in the in the semifinal against Vegas. Suzuki has been fantastic. Coffee has been great to Foley has been good. So It didn't help that this line didn't show up. But I was surprised of one thing. I was surprised of the matchups because the temple be lightning are not a team that usually worry about matchups. They just go out and roll their lines and they will double shift point or stem coast or Kucherov or whatever. Not because they see an opportunity with the other teams matchup just because That's uh they look at their team and they want to get their team going, but right from the first face off last night Montreal is that the visiting team they have to put their lineup in first They started the game with Phillip Danault Gallagher and Artery Lincoln in That's the shutdown line. That's their checking line. They did a great job against patch ready to get a great job against Matthews. That's who they play against the shut in line. Tempeh responds with the anti Gord And you know, Temple could have said we're going to put great and point out there. We don't care about the matchups. No. John Cooper went out there and stuck to a match up last night, and it worked. So last Montreal makes an adjustment in Game two and 34 where they say We got to get Danno against Point and Kucherov. They're going to be in trouble, but I think there's gonna be some adjustment made. Yeah. Going to be hard to, uh, you know, again, It's going to be hard. You got Steve Stamkos playing with who share Ellie and Palat. So that's the number one line in the National Hockey League. They're unbelievable, but then you follow it up with a breaking point who we didn't see very much of him last night because they didn't have to. They didn't show their hand. Nikita Kucherov point. And, um, um Killorn, the number one line in the National Hockey League and Nanny Gord. Okay? Yeah. Knee, Gord Barkley, Gaudreau and Blake Coleman. They did the damage last night. They're highly. They're highly aggressive. They're all they all four check and back check and they play every shift like it's their last. It's an extremely and I mean extremely hard. Lying to play against. But then you follow it up with a $5 million fourth line center Hman and Tyler Johnson, who every time he's on the ice looks like he's the fastest guy on there. You know, you got PD's long lost brother and Patrick Maroon, who is absolutely Fantastic Every time he's on the ice. You absolutely noticed him because he's either talking to somebody telling him. Hey, you know I'm coming for you. You're going to get it, but he's actually a very skilled hockey player. I mean, The team is and we haven't even got to the defense. We haven't even got to How well Ryan McDonagh Is playing. How well sear neck how nasty this this guy is. Then you have Victor Hedman, who is probably the best defenseman in the league. And right now. What? What's rude is first name. I like Yan Ruder, honey, Johnny Rueda. He's He's unbelievable. He's very calm. He's a He's a good sized guy. He skates well, he defends well, and he plays exceptionally well with Hedman. Guess what? Your talk to just talked about the first the top four defenseman. Oh, yeah, We forgot. They've got surrogates shove, who's out there killing guys last night. He's highly skilled. He's big. He's physical and he's I mean their whole Defense Corps. You know Savard. Savard is a is a really good shutdown Defenseman. Their whole team is is a buddy All star team. I'm sorry, but I mean, there's no chance that that teams in the league are going to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning. So let me ask you this, though. I understand what you're saying, but Florida took him to seven. The Islanders took him to seven. I mean, it's not a foregone conclusion there. They lost games, They lost more games than the Montreal Canadians did. Yeah, and Florida right now was what in the league this year. I don't know They were. They were first in that in that. No, they weren't first night division. Right? It was Carolina was first. And then it was Florida Temple. I think. Yeah, So you know for the league this year, Florida was fourth in the National Hockey League. So when you sit there and say that, you know Florida took Tampa Bay to seven games. Well, they should have because they have a damn good hockey team, and they made some big moves this year. And that that really worked out. Florida was a fantastic team. They ended up losing to a better team in Game seven. Then you have the Islanders. Where were the Islanders this year? Like in the league. Yeah. You know, they were a very strong team themselves. They they not. It's not over. It's not over. I don't think I picked 10.5 her on drugs. If you picked that this is over. I don't have corporate five games. I don't have to watch any more games than what I watched last night. The Montreal Is the only the only line that actually is going to score goals in Montreal. It's cold Caufield Suzuki. And Tyler Toffoli. Yes. There the better line, right? Yeah, but I picked 10.5 and I I I think that that could be realistic. Yes, but it's not a foregone conclusion Month three. All is not going to lay down and just roll over. I'm telling you, this series is going to give you a couple of twists and turns as it goes, That's always the case. Montreal was the 18th team in the league..

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