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Brennan jones on baseball next. Hey what's up this is. Espn fifteen thirty good afternoon. I'm all egger sound distracted. Senator tweet about the our tony with his last frigging camp through two thousand twenty one. You can follow me on twitter at my allegra. I only had like ten minutes to do this during brennaman and jones on walbrook enthralled by the replay challenge in the little league game Let's see here. You're going to hear david bell talk about what's happening tonight. Which is cast honest back. You res- is playing shortstop. God help us. Because that was the case for the first few weeks of the season and it was an unmitigated disaster and offensively. He's having a terrible year. You've got a guy. In louisville and jose barreiro who frankly is deserving of a chance to play. He can more than hold his own defensively. And he's been great with the bad this year. Two homers last night kyle farmer has offensively at least turned into a pumpkin a little bit. He is reliable. There's a place for him on this team. He's done a nice job. he play thousand positions. Want farmer on the team. If you are using kyle farmer's choice between kyle farmer and you heinous juarez and jose barreiro. What's the best option and right now. It doesn't feel like the answer is either suarez or farmer quite frankly. So you'll hear david bell on that topic because gino is playing short tonight coming up here in just about ten minutes. The bengals play tomorrow game against the tampa bay buccaneers. This is sort of cliche but honestly when you are a team like the bengals in which tony has said this to me a couple of different times that the unknowns outweigh the knowns and they do i mean i think we're all comfortable with joe borough. We're all comfortable with the wide receivers beyond that. I'm hopeful for a lot of spots on this team. There's a lot that i don't know i am feeling better and better about riley reef and joan williams. I think behind a good offensive line. Joe mixing can be really productive. I think with a more creative more diverse offense joe. Mixon's talents can can finally be exploited to the extent that we all hope but there's so many unknowns that is a preseason game going to give definitive answers no could. They provide some clues. Could they provide some insights into what the answers may be. Yeah i think so. And specifically because of the quality of this opponent. Offensively bruce arians. It seems to me. I'm watching from afar. The coach of the buccaneers. It feels like he's trying to jump start his team a little bit here and he has said the last week our offense has been miserable and practice. I'm gonna play everybody. I'm gonna play brady. I'm gonna play my starters. I'm gonna play my main dudes and it kind of feels to me like to a degree. He's trying to jog them out of a sense of complacency after winning the championship last year. So what that means for the bengals is you are going to get a good offensive line. All right big question for this team is the pass rush get better. Those answers can be provided by new editions on the outside for a hendrickson draft choices. Like joseph asai but also what they're trying to do on the inside and we're not gonna see larry ogan jobe tomorrow all accounts. He's had a marvelous camp but it's pretty good test for a unit that is under the microscope this year. It's a wide receiver group. That is really damn good can do a lot of different things and you might not get tampa bay's best for a long stretch of time. Let's face it. The secondary for this team at least corners are represent a huge question. Mark right you possibly can have three corners that start week one. That didn't play for this team last year. One of whom didn't play a snap in two thousand twenty so we start to get some answers. The good news. Is you heard tony. Talk about this. Twenty minutes ago by a church. Adobe mike hilton so far have by all accounts had a very very good camp. Let's see them get thrown to the wolves against tampa bay team. That obviously has some very good pass. Catchers big question about this team has been linebacker for a long time to what degree is giovanni. Bernard gonna get a chance to show buccaneers fans. What we know he can do which is make plays in space. I don't know but when he's given the ball in space. Let's see if the bengals linebacker can make a tackle. I think. Logan wilson as a chance to be really really good but you talk about a position where they just kind of said this year. You know what we're good. We got so much other stuff to fix. We're gonna arrest with who who have probably going to have to linebackers on the field at any given time. Let's see if these guys can make a in space offensively. This is maybe the biggest story tomorrow night. How do things unfold at right guard both in terms of deployment of playing time but also how effective each guy is. I don't get the sense. That michael jordan is at the top of the depth chart because he's wowing people it feels like. He's at the top of the depth chart because neither xavier so othello or more importantly jackson carmen have grabbed the starting gig jackson. Carmen who thus far by many accounts has not had a great camp is get his first taste of nfl action. Tomorrow we have for the most part heard can't dispatches we've seen the first depth chart we've gotten a sense of who's gotten the most snaps tomorrow night we get a chance to watch things unfold against another. Nfl team and you know. Look let's face it for as much as we've talked about jim. As the two thousand twenty one bengals draft choice that a lot of the thinking revolved around was always going to be the guy. They took to be the first offensive lineman taken by them in this draft then ends up. Being jackson carbon. Ken he play week one. Can he helped this year. Does he look physically overwhelmed does do we just dismiss the idea of him helping this team early in the season based on what we see one preseason game or do all of the things that have been said and written about him during practice fade away because he has a strong showing tomorrow night. I don't know the answer. I can't wait to find out starting tomorrow evening on a more macro level. This sounds pretty obvious. And it sounds pretty simple and i will admit to you that i don't have a like a rolodex or catalog of emotions that i have felt after preseason games over the last few years and obviously we didn't have any preseason games last year but it has been awhile since i walked away from a preseason game and thought the bengals that was pretty pretty. Well organized pretty thorough. Pretty good preseason effort none of us make a big deal about results of games in the preseason. But you know what. I want to do on on saturday night. Walk away from that game going. Yeah that team passed the eye test. That team didn't look discombobulated. They looked well organized. They looked. Well coached. That is a subjective thing and that that also may involve players. Who have no chance of playing for this team this season. You might do that and still think this team is gonna stink. You might not do that and still think the team has got a chance to be pretty good but i just. I'd like to walk away from for a season that is is going to be. I think that that go a long way. Toward determining things like zach. Taylor's future and how we feel about the direction this club moving forward. It would be nice to walk away from tomorrow night just feeling like you know what that was a pretty good performance. Pretty good performance doesn't mean they.

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