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Brunson met with President Trump in the Oval Office this afternoon a day after winning his freedom following two years in detention in Turkey Brunson sat side by side with President Trump at the White House. You. Very very special to all of us. We especially want to thank the administration knew really fought for us. Unusually. So the president said no ransom was paid. And he thanked Turkey's president for the cooperation during the Oval Office photo op Brunson knelt and prayed for President Trump. Greg Clugston, Washington. A Turkish corps dropped in espionage charges against Brunson who had faced up to thirty five years in jail. If convicted of all charges against him. He was among tens of thousands of people mostly Turks who were caught up in a government crackdown after a failed coup. All is Ron Texas next month as the usually red state has an interesting Senate battle looming. Lots of Hollywood money coming in for the democratic candidate. Don't turn my Texas into California has become the battle cry of Republicans for the midterms. And that's what Democrats are aiming for as they don't Aurora raises more than thirty eight million dollars in three months. The most raised in a Senate race and a quarter. He wants to take the seat from Ted Cruz as Aurora appears on late night TV shows and on left leaning. Daytime shows polls show cruise with anywhere from a nine point lead to twelve points. But money pouring in from Hollywood proves they want crews and other Texas Republicans gone Val deore, Dallas, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg made a quick stop today in the state that holds its first primary in the race for the White House. Visit in a New Hampshire. Get out the vote rally for six candidates running for state house of representatives. Sparks. More speculation about a possible. White House bid from Bloomberg news and analysis at townhall dot com. Man. Welcome to state run gas will do for you today killer app. Please moron. How will you be paying cash? Check credit make loan layaway Bank loan. Yeah. Ever since the gas car tax.

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