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Which utter player gave you the most trouble. What do you mean gave them all? I know. Hey to talk about somebody like Paul Molitor, Robin yount crazy. She did you talk about two good players. They're you know, people that could do it all got on base and steal basis. Your those are the toughest players won't people like that they make competition. They make the game real quick. Last call though. Toughest pitcher you had to face. Have you faced in your career all of them? Mm-hmm. Every one of them. Give you the most trouble. Guys. I could throw strikes throwing the ball over here. Whereabout your life. You know? Just mad back. Platoon in planning not playing against give up. Dan is. My last five years, or so, you know, Sparky's thought he would prolong my career, you know. And then I didn't we been my other guys when sparking say this guy's gonna play. I sit down and watch. So anyway. Randy johnson. The play ran the Joe. Like, I told you early. Here's an outright here. You know, that was in my, you know, when I got older and could see is good. You know, when I had those keen is. You know? Twenty one twenty two twenty three you know, and those young days team is bad. You know? Pick up everything you get older. You your vision starts to start to why your vision start to spread out. You don't see things is good. And it's it's as clear, but Randy Johnson did those strikes throwing the ball everywhere. Nah. Nah. Nah. That's the only person ever throw a no hitter against the guy. You know, we had a few other ones guess, but I've never played. I've never played on a team. I played on teams because Randy Johnson Villanova. I was never in the game. Where we got the no hit McDonnell. No. I don't think just before you. That's what I thought. Yeah. He was Ferguson Jenkins. So he's tough. Ferguson was at the end of his career cake to me. Man. I appreciate you coming on. We'll do it again next year. And hopefully by then you'll be in the. The hall of fame next year okeydokey. Well, I appreciate it. Back. Another touchdown getting ready to go. There you go touch damn now. Okay. Bye. Discord evening. All right. Discord. I'm not seeing it. Just a touchdown. He said..

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