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First one. Someone who will increase tribes odds of surviving tribal council by playing little green men on as many small onions as she can. What What Someone who will increase her tribes odds of surviving tribal council by playing little green men on his many small onions as she can. I feel like this is poverty because remember Parv the episode talks about like the little green men protecting her because those are what the idols our oh. Yes. Okay. Yes. Of course an like okay. Yes. Okay and then something about onions. Shalit poverty shallot Harvard shallow. Yes all let's look. Let's look here. Answer number one is poverty shallot. Boom maybe. I love it. Love it. Okay. Oh. My God. All right. So apparently, there's a Meta puzzle here. All the there's a Meta puzzle find a way to combine the interest together to reveal who will be the star of this season as a hint is one part survivor Samoa contestant one part millennials vs genetic contestant and one part big brother twenty contestant. What do we combine the lasting? Word like I think the letter that we got changed to write that down. We have a T.. Okay. All right. Yeah. Okay. So W W W T T. Matter. Okay. So we'll go at T. T. All right next one. A top tier I roller who will cut down the frigging lunatic. She's playing the game with and most importantly assigned scores to their ridiculous whether they are walking around like bandy legged trolls or wearing feathers in their hair. Was it cordoning. COORDINATES COURTNEY BE, Courtney rates Like she's reading them. Okay. Yes. Sure. Let's go with that. All right. Let's see. Let's see. It is indeed courtney rates are right tr that's what we got T.. R.. Okay. Here's number three. Someone who used to Vanquish fire-breathing lizards? Since gained so much weight has to go through doors sideways. ooh, okay well. That's that's coach. So, oh. Is it coach Wide Aid? So. Good. Yes. Wide which wide let's see. The correct answer is coach y. About. Maybe, that's an insult left on the cutting room floor from Stacey Powell in survivor South Pacific being like we don't want to with Benjamin, he's coach wide now. Classic Burn. All right. Next up an unlikable villain whose leg coverings will become so smelly, they will have to be burned in the fire by the end of the season. Russell hands is Russell. hance pants. Leg coverings I guess pants do cover your legs. I just don't think of them as that. And is it okay that it has Z at the end? I. Think. So I think we're going for an edgier spelling. Pants yeah, it is indeed. Let's see Russel Pants. Yes. Well so far we have trip. We spelled do I wonder? Do you think if had Russell actually I was gonNA say had Brussel become more of a thing, but he really wasn't thing but I never heroes vs villains. Why did he come out with a line of fashion called Russell Pants? Russell Pants. Or like for perspective survivor players like. So. Many idols in these. Russell. Pants Okay I didn't even think about that like something that's more targeted I. Think about all the pockets. Yeah, that could be that could be something. He really definitely should have gone with knob being sarcastic here you can put like a stories about you fake stories about the people you lost in Hurricane Katrina in there you can fit so much. You could fill your millions you know like. Oil Money, you have Yeah. If you're if you're renovating houses what your brother, another reality show, you could easily put tools in their toolbox when you have Russell Pants. Like just thinking, you know pocket nails. y'All emails. I got my nails. I wonder if maybe I would not be surprised if Russell plays on a feature season and he brings pocket nails to the islands. Pocket. Sand. Next level strategy. All right. Here's the next one. Confident. Queen who if given the opportunity to use a rotary phone on the island would call thin coil of rope. In oil rope a thin oil of row. ooh, I know what it is. Okay. Lay It on me. Is it Sandra dial chwine Is Hyphenated. At first I was thinking like wire because it was connected to the phone literally but now swine is the one that is unchanged and Diaz change to dial because of the rotary phone. Okay let's see that the right answer it is Sandra. Dial tried. Maybe that's the phone comes from Gotcha Gotcha Gotcha. Okay. Cool. Wow. That's another thing if she had her own hotline dial twine. Could you own my? Gosh. Sorry. I'm just picturing like Miss Cleo type situation, but for Sandra just redo predictions but it's all in of course like this Sandra style of deliveries. Very, straight, very to the point very direct we'll. Believe Sandra offered her advice to the heroes on the Sandra dial twine hotline and they did not WanNa accept the charges. I mean I was GONNA say she did it for free and they just ignore it but. Man Maybe maybe next time they can get a calling card and really take advantage of the. Dial twine line was that sort of like island of the idols they had access of the Sandra, dial twine because they just went there I guess they didn't call her but more so just visited her yeah they visited but I think it's the same thing at. The Boston Rob. Trying to think. On into lake of phone on. Boston Rob. Something with the phone. Okay. Marianne dial tone..

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