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Probably get that all the time. Don't you devote? Yeah. I know you. You guys in a while. So it's good to hear back from it. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Well, that's good information and stay in touch. So I'm going to look into this debate can assure you that because again, I don't mind the holistic approach, actually like it. Thank you devotes, call us again. But I'm still going to get the flu shot. I just feel like it's. I'll do the other part two. I guess I buy in too much Patrick on the fact that sciences, then I'm going gonna believe science that they're trying to help me, but an-an-and Patrick's granite bay wants to chime in about PG need for moment. Hey, patrick. How you doing good voice guy doing here you guys? Thank you. Are you doing you? Don't go doing well. Agassi amount gets you know. Thing peachy. Big problem up there. I heard last week that Erin Brockovich is up there. She's going to be representing all in paradise. Yeah. I think they're gonna be in trouble. I don't I think they're going to go completely assaulted by heard weeks ago that they were selling their completely sewing their gas gas division in all their real estate down in San Francisco. And their stock is down. What percent right? They're done. Not one showman. He did bring up a point Davey was taken care of a lot of things. And it's on them. You may you know? And they can talk about raising their electric pets. What do you think's gonna happen down the road? When I get everyone pushing. Pushing solar. People in Roseville, they'll give it who. Because they're all trysted use rose. Well, they don't even get their electricity Eugenie. So yeah, we have the mandated solar for all the new buildings. Now this coming into play. That's for sure. Yeah. The fact I think the PGN the shares a PG, and he was a drop like even more than fifty percent today. I think it was of course, after firing their CEO, which talked about severance pay and everything. Yeah. So I think it's down fifty percents. So there is going to be some trouble with PG and E Patrick. Thanks for calling in. But yeah nuts. Listen, I still say they're very they're in a tough situation. They're trying to provide power to so many people in California. They really are there now out to murder people. They're not out to burn our forests down. They're not out to do that trying to provide power, and there have been careless mistakes along the way. And I think it's really going to have an effect on them for sure I don't think there was any malicious intent, but that's just my opinion. Josh was in Sacramento calling. Hey, joshua. Hey, I'm good. Thanks. I was I was about the flu shots, but I can. Now, we're talking about whatever here, we're fine. We're just roll along with it. Oh. At the case that they. Shoot for three to five of the mainstream, and they have to guess at that about a year. Yeah. Just so. Joshua. We just lost you, my friend. I don't know. We had a bad Sigler something Joshua sorry about that. You're cutting in and out, Dan, Josh, wink, callback. If you get a better line, Dan, hang in there. I'll give you a shot at this. We're gonna move on as well. From this talk about something else will do that straight ahead here on.

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