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He is doing an Italian accent, but it's quite restrained relative to his costars. You think he's going for it? Well, they're like an 11 and he's at 7, right? Okay. But it is still like Adam Driver doing like that is not. That's my family name. You know, it's like a very serious actor who believes in craft and doesn't like to watch himself and it's like really believes in the characters. Like, you know, doing his best Super Mario. It's true. There is something fascinating about that. Again, I think he's quite good. He's really like never not been good. We're on kind of one of the more unusual unbroken hot streaks in movie acting history right now with him. This is so savvy to probably walk on that set and just be like, ah, okay, I see what other people are doing. I need to be the calm in the storm here. Because if Pacino Leto and Gaga are doing that and I'm screaming. And I'm like, I want to be a lawyer. It's not going to work. It's just going to be too much. Very much the case. I think he's very effective in this movie. They're also something kind of sinister about Adam Driver. There's a reason he was cast as kylo ren. There's a reason he was kind of menacing at times on girls. And I think he taps into that in the second half of this film very effectively when he sort of turns the movie also really understands his physical presence and physicality. And that's not just like he looks so handsome and all of these things, even though, like, oh my God, can this man went so close? When when Adam Driver is in the San Maria house and just like a full cashmere navy bathrobe, I was just like, I did it. I made it to a place in my life. But what did you think of Adam Driver wearing like the dickies jumpsuit in the beginning when he's working at the trucking facility? And that in their letting him, he looks great and it's like playing soccer and they are just like letting this very tall like physically impressive guy just like be really hot. You know, they have him like in Gucci suits, just like jumping around at one point, like he's in a GQ photo shoot by himself. You know? I forgot. So and he is bigger than everybody and so there's like the restrained emotional or, you know, kind of like intellectual part of his performance. But he's doing a lot just by being on screen looking as good as he looks. And the movie lets him do it, which I appreciate it. The one thing that I find funny about his performance and the role in general is in the first 15 minutes, he's presented as it's kind of like the male. She's all that, you know, where it's like he's wearing glasses and maybe he's a little bit bookish and he's not actually among the most handsome and strapping young movie stars on the planet. And then by the time we get to the back half of the movie, it's clear that he is embracing fully his incredible on screen physicality presence, charisma, et cetera. to Al. Chris, you and Al have a deep and tender long running relationship. And you know, Al is no spring chicken. And I must say I was impressed by the power and energy of his motor at this stage of his career. What did you think about? I thought it was one of the first real roles he's had in a while. You know, like, a real character and a real arc.

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