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There was so many things now on your plate under Felipe Alou, and it seemed like it got bigger and better for you What happened in those first couple of years with Felipe Alou, the change the dynamics of you being that bench coach Yeah, well, I I You know, I think it was a gradual progression. But I will say this, you know, we went to the World Series with dusty in 2000 and two and then you know, uh, dusty parts ways with the organization and goes to Chicago and sleep comes in. And I remember talking to sleep a about staying And he said, Hey, you guys, you guys just went to the seventh game of the World Series. I'd love to have you I don't want to change anything and And that was the same thing when we you know, started in spring training. Uh, he let us do everything we did. We had a great coaching staff and he let us do you know everything that we were doing myself the same responsibility they had under dusty And then it was just great to be around him because after the games, you know that's where I learned about red wine, and I I learned a lot of a lot of stuff about the game that Felipe loved to share. He loved to talk. He loved the whole court. After the ball games, drinking his wine, and I learned an awful lot about the game. Well again once Felipe Alou kind of moved past, then Bruce Bochy came in 2000 and seven Bruce Bochy came in. And you were with Bruce Bochy. And I tell you what the staff that you guys put together. And the and the coaching staff. So I mean, when you start looking back at who was there, and then it started opening up where communications started getting better, More and more. Of coaches and players were starting at communication, that one on one drills and things like that, and I want to throw these names to you, and I really would like to hear what you have in one word saving when you start thinking of Bruce Bochy. Tim Flannery, Billy Hayes, Roberto Kelly, Hensley Meulens, Dave Righetti, Mark Gardner. What is a good word for all those people? Well, it was special, of course, with the success we had so in no, If anything, you have to say family and, you know, family on the coaching staff, and we were. It was like family working for Brian Sabean. And, you know, Giants ownership. That's the way we felt. And it was. It was a special time and special coaching staff. No doubt about it with all the success that we had We're going to take a quick break with Ron Wotus on extra innings and come right back on KNBR, the sports leader. You were listening to the former Giants writing. It's KNBR extra Innings with Bill Lasky sponsored by Leonardo's markets, quite simply the best heard on.

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