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And I said, yes, it was fifteen thousand dollars a month of when fifteen twenty thousand dollars a month is what it was now, keep in mind making like five and so it tripled to quadrupled, my income overnight, and the only downside was that I had to go work overseas, which for me, it wasn't so much that that's the job. I wanted. It wasn't that that was had that had the impact I wanted, but my vision of moving forward constantly improving my financial position. So that I could. Get myself into a position where I could affect the kind of change. I wanted in the world that move me. One step closer. And so I went and for the next five years, I did that job. I worked in Iraq and Afghanistan doing high threat security for the US State Department and for other government agencies providing protection. And while I was there, I had a conversation with myself and said, if I could do anything in the world, what would I want to do? And I decided that if I could do anything, I would wanna work in the financial sector and I thought I can help people with their money. I can be I can maybe make a little bit of money myself because I understand the markets. And so, I started studying how to invest in how to trade and I ended up learning how to trade currencies, and I got really successful at that. Well, I say really six successful enough that I could have started a fund. And when I started looking at putting my own fund together, what I realized was that it was incredibly complicated. And there was lots of government regulation, and I would need a lot of money under management. That would be virtually impossible for me to get without starting really really small. And then building over the course of years, or even decades on the flip side of that, if I simply told people or taught people what I was doing that I had been successful using that there was absolutely there was very little regulation for that. The only thing I had to do was be up front and honest with people because the FCC didn't want me to say anything that was disingenuous untrue, or deceptive. And being an honorable and ethical person..

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