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If he didn't cut it this year you know might actually get released and for whatever reason plumber you know has really blossomed at double a springfield. I mean he's got ten home runs already Driven you know thirty six runs in sixty six games hitting over three hundred. He's basically a three hundred four hundred five hundred player right now. Three hundred average four hundred on base. Five hundred slugging and so you know the only thing that's the only thing that's still concerned about plumbers. He striking out over a third of the time but you know he has his numbers this year. you know. make him look like he's a guy that can get himself back on the prospect map and he's come back onto our list in the in the mid thirties after not even being ranked in our in our last go round. We've heard so much about matthew liberty for and let's go back to him. He's in your your top two here. It's been a learning season for him to go from a ball no season then all of a sudden jumped to aaa and it seems like as we go along. He's making some pretty good adjustments. That's right that's right. he really has He got he got dinged up I don't know about ten days or so ago. Gave up five runs but in a six inning outing. But he gave up those runs early. And he buckled down to give up a couple of home runs but he stayed in the game and he really really thought and then the next time out he threw six shutout innings on just four hits and no walks and looked like a guy who has a polished pitcher nearing his readiness for the major leagues. And it'll be interesting to see you know how much pressure the cardinals feel. They need to make. Certainly if miles michael s in and jack flirty can stay on their trajectory to come back and somehow help that might enable them to you know give matthew liberty or a little more development time but you know if he could string together more starts like his last time out you know i could see him ready but prior to that he had a couple of bumpy ones. And you know again. That's what you expect with a young player. Who's you know who was moved up very very aggressively this year. And it's still just twenty one years of age final question. You mentioned it earlier but zac thompson and again my guest is brian walton. The car donation dot com. Zac thompson finally picked up a win. And we've been kinda waiting for him because they're very high on this young man. Top pick out of kentucky couple years ago. That's got to be something that's good i. I'd love to see what the numbers were. Because i know he's had issues with control but bottom line getting that first win and maybe that's a starting point for him is that thomson again was moved up very aggressively never played aa and i was wondering whether it might have been you know prudent thing to send him down and let him have some success there but the cardinals had starting to shorten his outing. Zach zach thompsons outings so instead of trying to get him five or six innings going three or four innings and you know getting maybe a more success in a shorter package and then this last time as you mentioned they stretched out to six innings and he had an outing just as as good as liber or did in his six. Six shutout innings. And yeah. that's something that i think zack thompson can build on. He's certainly got.

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