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Electrical industry partner for over 130 years. Good evening, I'm Luke lucard Juan Herrera is our producer, the top stories we're following for you today. New on WTO P tonight, the Senate has just voted nearly unanimously to expand NATO by admitting Finland and Sweden. On this vote, the yeas are 95, the nays are one and one senator responded present. Now WTO's Mitchell Miller. Maryland democratic senator Ben cardin is one of the many lawmakers from both parties who say the decision is one that will get the attention of Russia, as it continues to attack Ukraine. Expanding NATO at this moment is a clear message to mister Putin that we stand with the democratic countries of Europe. But Missouri Republican Josh hawley suggests U.S. allies haven't been pulling their weight in terms of financial commitments. This isn't to say that the United States should abandon NATO. But it is to say that our European allies really must do more. Halle was the only senator to vote no, adding Finland and Sweden to NATO would be the broadest expansion of the alliance since 7 members were added in 2004. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO news. Now to the war in Ukraine, one day the Russian government threatens nuclear war, the next day they call for peace. What should we believe? We go to WTO P national security correspondent JJ green. This is a part and parcel of the Russian approach since even before they invaded back in February. John Kirby coordinator for strategic communications with the National Security Council. He said, this is business as usual for Russia. They say one thing and then they do another. It's classic Russian behavior. So how does Ukraine, the U.S. and the rest of the west deal with that? We do not take it face value any claims that they are interested in peace and stability in Ukraine is certainly not peace and stability. In Europe. Ukraine says the only way to end this conflict is a complete strategic defeat of Russia's military. News. As the matter of abortion access plays out state by state, President Biden signed an executive order that might lead to Medicaid coverage for women who have to go out of state for the procedure. It comes as abortion right activists celebrate a major voter test. Crowds at this Kansas election night party erupted into cheers after learning voters had rejected a measure to remove abortion rights from the state's constitution. This is a clear indication of where voters in Kansas are on this issue. The group kansans for constitutional freedom claimed victory in the historically red state, a similar measure to the one voted down in Kansas is on the ballot in Kentucky, while adding abortion protections to the state constitution are on the ballot in Vermont and California. Natalie Brent, CBS News, Capitol Hill. In Indiana, Republican congresswomen has died in a car crash. Flags are flying at half staff at the U.S. capitol building following news that Indiana Republican congresswoman Jackie wolosky died in an accident in northern Indiana. The Elkhart county sheriff's office says two staff members who were in the vehicle with warhorse were also killed. So was the driver of the other car. Authorities say, well orci's vehicle was hit head on when the other car crossed the center line on a state highway. Who represented Indiana's second congressional district was 58. Linda kenyon, CBS News, Washington. There's new information related to those deleted Secret Service text messages related to January 6th, the Homeland Security watchdog now under the microscope for his handling of the matter was previously accused of misleading Justice Department investigators. Washington Post, The Washington Post reports Joseph safari was accused of running afoul of ethics rules while he was a federal agent in charge of a Justice Department inspector general field office in Tucson, Arizona, the post is reporting on a 2013 government report that safari failed to tell his supervisors against federal rules about his testimony in a lawsuit brought by a federal prisoner. He's also accused of breaking ethics rules by referring law firms to the prisoner's family. Candidates backed by former president Trump did well in Arizona's primaries Tuesday. The Republican primary for governor in Arizona is too close to call. Hello, everyone. Candidate Carrie Lake says it's over. We are so proud of our movement. We are so proud of the victory we have. The former TV anger

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