Pearl Harbor, Dr John Baxter, Pentagon discussed on Borne the Battle


So we're gonna have a rewind here on the twentieth anniversary of september eleventh as you know it's very important as solemn day for our community. It's the it's the twentieth anniversary of my generations. Pearl harbor and i say that in a sense that is a direct or indirect reason so many f. and oem veterans lives have been permanently altered or changed or put the rest early all the way to august. Twenty twenty one o careers have come and gone now going to war because of what that they did and how it changed the direction of the country today that none of us should forget reflection. And that's what this is going to be all about due to the short week. Count this as your monday episode for the thirteenth and we'll get to our normally scheduled news releases and feedback on september twentieth. But for this episode. I wanted to focus solely on the stories that are about to be told this interview is it's one of my most sobering interviews that have ever done in my entire career for over twenty years air force veteran. Dr john baxter has been a flight. Surgeon has been the person for multiple of defense both in and out of uniform twenty years ago he was the commander of the flight clinic in the pentagon when the plane hit the building before any helicopters landed before the first ambulance showed up our guests helped the immediate recovery and evacuation effort of the pentagon on nine eleven and two years ago for the first time other than in writing. He gave his own personal account of that day again. His air force veteran dr. john baxter. Lot of memories.

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