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Like with new orleans did right here comes a like this move and more importantly i like the fact that new orleans put themselves in a position where they could make this move pay the veteran quarterback because they've drafted so well last year they had arguably the best draft in the last ten years as a result they could splurge on quarterback because they're spending so little elsewhere i think they're neck and neck with minnesota philadelphia absolutely a super bowl contender next year fifty million dollars is a bargain it's difficult to say that but it is i mean they got a guy that at thirty nine who's the last thirty nine year old to play in the super bowl peyton manning he wanted and john brand so i'm tom brady even more reason vichy or any forgot about last year but okay if seventyone is today's fifty thirty nine is today's thirty one if you will i think now eleven for what he paid thank you a year buyers fell in four minutes and ten seconds i actually i said two minutes of a math is too confusing on this show hey there i'm a glue stick so i have one job i glue kit stuff so sorry for being jealous of gyco who doesn't ton more like if you twenty four seven access to thousands of licensed agents and geico has been around for over seventy five years and has a ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating while i've just got mediocre at he's of skills kyko also has an award winning mobile app arts and crafts time no eating the goose stick miss lydia darko expect great savings in whole lot more.

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