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J. Brooke. Well, Sandy, it looks like the Washington football team is getting closer to ending a two game losing skid. They're hosting the Cincinnati Bengals of FedEx Field in Let's get a little bit more on that, with w. T o p sports director and team beat reporter George Wallace. All right. J s seven minutes 31 seconds away from that. 22 9 Washington with the lead here as Dustin Hopkins just had a 50 yard field goal. He's two for two on the day. Vehicles. Alex Smith, the touchdown pass. Antonio gives an attire rushing touchdown story the day for Cincinnati's Joe Burrow being carted off the field with a pretty gruesome knee injury as he threw incomplete pass, and it was kind of sandwich hide low. On and driven to the ground and grabbed his left knee and pain. Finished 22 of 34 203 yards. Ryan family in the game Now for Cincinnati, trying to play catch up down 20 to 9 Washington, though, has the ball with just under seven minutes to go here. Thank you so much. George. Elsewhere the Eagles down 1910 at the Browns in the fourth quarter, all fourth quarter scores. Mind you Saints. 24 Falcons nine. The Panthers blanking the Lions 17 nothing. Stiller's up 23 over the Jags. The Ravens 21, the Titan 16. Texans with the 24 20 lead over the Patriots coming up at 4 25. It'll be two and seven Dallas at Minnesota, of course. Washington football team takes on Dallas and just four days on Thanksgiving. Jay Brooks. W T o P. Sports Thank you, Jay coming up after traffic and weather. Is there still toilet paper on your store shelves? It's 3 47. Here's Tom Coup. Sampas, president and chief executive.

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