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ABC News. I'm Richard Can't do top aides to President Biden have opened talks with a group of moderates in the U. S. Senate on the 10 figure Pandemic relief proposal. It comes as the White House faces growing push back after unveiling its $1.9 trillion covert relief plan. The package would include another round of direct payments to most Americans this time for $1400, although they say they're open to putting more money in President's Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin supports overturning the ban. The House today sends the lone article of impeachment against the former president Trump over to the Senate. This is an unusual situation where the lawmakers the jurors in this trial roll witnesses to what happened here on January 6 at least 17. Republicans in the Senate would need to join every single Democrat in order to convict the president and the House. We saw 10 Republicans vote to impeach the president. But now nearly every single one of those Republicans is face. Significant backlash. Baby sees Rachel Scott. The former president's trial won't begin until February. 8th the former president's former press secretary, Sarah Huckabee. Sanders today announced that she's running for governor of Arkansas. Sanders, daughter of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, will run in the Republican primary to replace Governor Asa Hutchinson, who faces term limits after eight years in office arrivals there. Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin, the more mainstream establishment Republican and state attorney general Leslie Rutledge, though electing something Democratic governors before Arkansas has become increasingly red. In recent years. A B C's Chuck's Everton Super Bowl 55 has set the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa and Casey winning their respective conference championship Sunday. You're listening to ABC New 277. CvN WTMJ MILLMAN from the Ethics Wealth management studio. This is news radio WTMJ..

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