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Hello and welcome to the nutrition diva podcast I'm your host Monica Ryan Eagle and a listener recently wrote in with what I think is a very familiar dilemma. She and her husband were training for an endurance event, but as she increased the duration of her workouts, she noticed that her appetite was also increasing sharply. Even though I was eating more I was still hungry all the time she wrote, and so she experimented with the timing, and the composition of her meals, but nothing seemed to help, and she started to get worried that despite all the extra exercise she was doing. She might end up gaining weight just because she was eating so much more. Will join me on today's podcast to talk about how exercise and endurance exercise in particular affects our appetite. Is Brock strong rock? As you probably know is host of the get fit guy podcast that. PODCAST along with the nutrition diva. That's part of the quick and dirty tips. Network and Brock is also the CO host with me of a brand new podcast called. Change Academy, but more to the point rock is himself and endurance athlete. Which I most certainly not, and he's coached hundreds of others through endurance sports and training so I think he's the perfect person to help me answer this question. Welcome to the PODCAST. Thanks Monica it's great to be here all right I, maybe we should just start by defining some terms. So, what do we mean when we say endurance? Is there a definition for that. Well! There is but the definition that actually goes along with endurance doesn't really fit what people's. Perception of it is I think the question asker here when when she says they training for an endurance sport. It's generally something long like a marathoner a half marathon. Iron Man or Ultra marathon or something like that for the matter of this conversation, let's just focus on those sort of longer slower efforts, not necessarily the shorter quicker ones, so is that kind of exercising those long duration low to moderate intensity workouts. Are they the best way to get fit? Well you know. I always defined fit as being able to move through the world, and do the things that you want to be able to do with a certain amount of ease, and and a certain amount of confidence so endurances, definitely part of that, but it's not the whole picture, so it's not necessarily the best way to get fit, but it is a component of what I would consider to be fit along with things like flexibility strength, having the the speed is well those shorter shorter higher intensity efforts that all works in concert to really equal fitness in general, so it's it's definitely an aspect of it, but it's not the best way the answer to becoming fit. So? Does that type of training these long duration efforts. How does that affect hunger levels and interested to know whether it has different effects in different time frames like while you're exercising may be immediately afterwards or maybe much later in the day. Have you observed? An effect there, definitely, definitely <hes> and. I guess, let's start with during the exercise so generally. What happens when we start to exercise? Is Our blood circulatory system. Does things like moves. Our blood in focuses its energy on the muscles are the parts of our body that are being used currently, so that means your digestive system actually. Isn't that involved when you're going for a long run? Let's say are a long bike ride. So the blood flow actually moves preferentially to your to the muscles that are being used and sort of not to your stomach, for example so you definitely you don't necessarily feel hungry, and you actually have an impaired ability to digest things when you're in the middle of a long effort like that. Now after that's finished, and that blood serve returns to its more regular scheduled program, it's a then then you could feel an uptick in your hunger. At least a return to your hunger, because your blood flows is then returning to your digestive system, and that's generally when people start to feel hungry, and that can happen within minutes of finishing a an exercise like that or a race, or whatever it happens to be or hours later, and that is very individual.

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