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Somalis president mohammed for maggio has declared a state of war against alshabaab but these two attacks call into question the government's ability to keep the country safe eight brought a emperor news may ruby next week three congressional committees will hear from facebook twitter and google about how rushing use their networks to influence the 2016 presidential elections and fierce ron elving says there's one overriding focus this idea that thousands of accounts and ads or linked in some way or another two russians and that there was probably pretty considerable violation of company policy all of this managed to keep certain issues before the american consciousness throughout the election in 2016 with an apparent i towards influencing the election's outcome and fears ron elving the tech giants will meet with a sub panel of the senate judiciary committee tuesday then with the full senate intelligence committee and the house counterpart on wednesday you're listening to npr news from washington extra troops in federal police have been deployed to the heart of the amazon forest in brazil after armed men set fire to offices belonging to environmental protection agencies the bbc's leonardo russia has more witnesses say the attack loss of more than five hours buildings in archives belonging to three federal agencies have be destroyed extra troops have now being deployed in the area but the situation remains stance it all began days off the brazilian officials seized boats used that a gold operational dema data river which crosses the town the full might that this is the latest a sedan to the cat and mouse game played by federal agents were limited resources and thousands of gold prospectus what parade illegally in brazil's fast amazon region often in protected areas or indigenous lands.

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