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PM eastern time. I can catch them AJ on ESPN, loss Spurs, hey one victory over card up over the weekend. The big story out of that game, though, the red card on Joe Rawls hacking down Lucas Mora. Here's managers Neil Warnock's with spots. It wasn't a dangerous tackle. He hasn't endangered the life of a player, so I don't know. It's a red card. I'm not quite sure. In. What did you think about the tackle? Was worthy of a red card? What do you make of Warnock's comments here? Absolute nonsense, a click red card. You wouldn't see a clear case, really, this is the criteria tackle with excessive force in likely to endanger on a powder, nothing about having to kill the opponent, just endanger the opponent. I think if it fit the criteria very clearly definite red. I can't believe of appealed. It. One hundred percent or right car. But not everybody saw it that way. Even the commentary that we have here in the United States, there was some debate. Okay. Well, they don't know whether talking about it. I can tell you that they have no idea what they're talking about. This player does not addressable whatsoever. The ball is already gone and he goes, myth die on the tackle you rent car. One hundred percent. He he can make Senate because there was another predator member. I think it was pulled on Yellen on Andrei. Yes, but the difference with low right. It was on the back of yet Lynn's foot. It was from behind on his achilles. As instance, I think if he'd gone with a cynical challenge when the bowl was away but had gone and low with less force, he may have gotten away with. But the fought is Ali said he would. And it was cynical on that was high. I'll let you think this is something to do with like generations. Like back in the day would have been a yellow or. Was this a red even thirty forty. Maybe didn't give it a red card back in thirty forty years ago. It doesn't mean is right. It doesn't mean that I'd criminal tackle thirty forty years ago goes should not have been read. It should've been a red sixty years ago and hundred years ago. Whenever Stevie nickel play. It was a red card. It's one hundred percent red card, Stevie not even here to defend himself, so Spurs win has to arsenal five one away to full in that nine straight wins across all competitions for arsenal. Is this team for real Craig? Are you buying arsenal right now? Why not? I saw some reports that we can some some journalists who I think support. Awesome. Wondering why no pun that spots. Pundits general don't have them in the title race? Yes. NT mama. Having us, no. As potential title John's this year, the answer would be, no, I'm having IM rate is getting these and there and he's working and things that a little bit for them at the moment. Then clearly nine straight wins would sail. Yes, but I don't think all those games tell you the story of the games because those games have given up a hill of John's the other side of the coin as. You know when a bomb young appear up, whether it's off the bench level, they're working well together. No theres's putting the team Jokolik little bit better. These four to three one is a little bit flexible. At least it has a plan, but I don't think the title, no, no, no, no, no, no. Put that on me. I don't want to be so that people will say, well, you know, nine straight wins blind, but no, I'm sorry. I don't have to look at the competition followed off the pace last year, but it was a low point. You don't just make the o. however this is going probably expected for tonight Emory enough to be applauded, and he needs to be given, you know, plan. It's a couple of years maybe more to get to get this long term problem that fired from last one Venga to get it fixed, but not in the title race because of one, nine, three games. If they played Chelsea, Liverpool, the mindset in Iran, Robin, tournament over the next few weeks, many games when you see the Aaron Ramsey goal yesterday with the backheel and the Bill and the movement with the.

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