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It shouldn't be anyone else's protect your privacy online. For free With duck duck. Go Duck Deco privacy. Simplified time now for your K NPR half past headline half past headlines on these sports sports leader. Madam Cos you're half past headlines for Wednesday September 8th 2021 Logan Web wins his ninth game of the year. Seven innings, nine hits three earned six strikeouts as the Giants beat the Rockies 12 3 yesterday. Yes, it's just 22nd home run of the season. Stephen Duggar, his third triple in three days. Two of them came yesterday. One of them came against Walker Buehler. On Sunday. Here in San Francisco, they go for the sweet Today, 12 11th pitch right here can be our 1045 and 6 80 11 10 pregame John Gray against Anthony to bone DeSclafani Giants looked to be the first team in baseball to sweep the Rockies at Coors Field. This season, the Dodgers went up to ST Louis and kind of a cool moment for Albert Pujols returning to ST Louis and Busch Stadium. It's a home run yesterday. The uncle part is that other Dodgers did, too, including Justin Turner. They down the cards 7 to 2. They are still just a game back in the Giants atop the National League West. The Padres also wasted a stellar outing. From Blake Snell. Seven innings pitched one hit 11 strikeouts in a four. Nothing loss. Major League baseball going to have the National Baseball Hall of Fame today, the museum is going to induct Derek Jeter, Marvin Miller, Ted Simmons and Larry Walker. All in Cooperstown today, quick notes from the NFL and specifically from your 40 Niners. Yesterday, they released defensive back Donte Johnson. Then they signed former pro bowler Josh Norman. Then they re signed Donte Johnson. To the practice squad. We can talk about that later this week as well how that's when the impact this 49 roster more from the Giants 12 3 win over the Rockies as the leadoff spot continues. It's the break of dawn and the leadoff spot with Adam Copeland continues here in on FM KNBR one. Oh 45, and it's always on 6 80, a M V sports leader. I'll get into this in just a minute. This this giant, said one more note. I didn't hit here in the In the half past headlines, Just a baseball noted that was kind of cool. Peter Alonso yesterday the New York Mets, who by the way it leads Major League Baseball 23 Road home runs, I was like that note, because you know what guys playing X number of games in his own ballpark that that Citi Field is like some some absolute bandbox. I think it's harder to hit their than Yankee Stadium or Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Of course, anything like that. But 23 Road home runs this year for Peter Long. So the cool note, though, is that he's now hit his 100th career home run. The polar bear. His 1/100 career home run came yesterday. He's in the middle of a 13 or 14.

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