Aerial Phenomena, NYC, National Investigations discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Couple of potboilers of books that were best sellers. These are some of the first that were published on the subject. One of them was called flying saucers from outer space and the second one I was UFO flying confidential although I think it had several different titles. So I don't know whether it's bailable under. Today, but he fostered the idea that all you had to be, you know, coming here from other planets, and he had, you know, some very reliable low witnesses airplane pilots. Who had been followed by these objects and he wasn't much into close encounters or you know, sightings of philosophy Pence, and he totally pooh-poohed the, the contact dis and anybody, well they weren't too many objection cases in those as maybe maybe one that I that I heard, so that was about the only thing that the general public had to go on his book, cells, probably a half million copies. You know, they were a quarter thirty five cents those those days, and, and so that the public, I guess, got the idea that the flying saucers had to be from somewhere outside of the solar system, and it, it's kind of weird. When you look at the board of directors wait for his organization. He started an organization called nyc after national investigations committee on aerial phenomena and almost all the board. Members of that group had.

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