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Game with Sarah Lang's. They're laying reporter producer from MLB dot com, Sarah, how are you doing? I'm doing great, buster. We've spring training games starting tomorrow. I'm so, so excited. Yeah, but the game that matters the most and you're going to be part of the broadcast is on Monday when we get the first national role of each new rules. Yes? Yeah, so very excited to see how they all, how they all work, what's all happening, how people are reacting, how fans are reacting and tell where they are. It's going to be really fun to tell all of that. So when I talk to Carl, I just mentioned to him, you know, we talked about guys who might be poised for a breakout, just a monster season. And I mentioned Fernando Tati's junior, it just feels like he's gathering momentum. He's going to be so excited to return to the Padres lineup and the last ten days of April. And another guy mentions Kyle Tucker. Like I feel like he's already a really good player. He's not really known by a national audience in the same way that, you know, Jose Altuve Alex Bregman is. But this is the year I think he absolutely erupts because he's going to be surrounded by so much depth in that lineup. For you, who's a player who you think might have a huge year? Well, I love both of those. For me, I mean, obviously I was talking about Juan Soto on the podcast with John on Monday. No, no sense of time. That's you know to see if it is almost here. I don't know what day of the week it is. But I think that he will, you know, he and tattoos both probably feel like they have something to prove in different ways. I think that will be a really big motivating factor. You know another guy I'm really excited to see is trade Turner. Obviously, with the new rules on pick offs and the bases, everything else. I mean, we know what he does on the base path. And I think he's going to be really, really big asset to that lineup in Philadelphia, so I'm really excited to see him at that point in his career and with this new team. Let's play the numbers game. Number three. Number three is 90%. So speaking of couple Tucker and a few other guys, you know, we've been talking about these role changes. And one thing I wanted to make sure to point out is who were the guys who were shifted on the most last year among qualified players. So there were four guys to be shipped at least 90% of the time last season. Kyle's course they were, oh my gosh, excuse me. And 92.8% call Tucker and 90.9 Cody Bellinger at 90.5 and Kyle schwarber at 90.5% as well. So it's very interesting to look at those guys. We've talked about Cory's here already this Austin and I think he'd really underrated your last year. And the idea that he could be even better without that defensive position against him is of course pretty fearsome per anyone facing him. Kyle Tucker, of course, as you said, definitely seems poised to really get that national intention. I think he deserves. He's been a really good player for a couple of years. It's kind of the wild card on this list. I think the cubs are obviously hoping that not being shifted against mine help him, but they think there may be a few other things to fix there and then college were very it almost doesn't matter if you shift on him. He's just going to hand it out. The ballpark. But obviously not tasting those will be a good thing for him. Number two number two is 30 for 30 points. So last year, Jesse winker, now with brewers, had a 30 point difference between his expected batting average and actual batting average, which was time for the third largest difference for any qualified data. So what that tells us is that he was getting unlucky, maybe he wouldn't say whatever it may have been. His batting average should have been higher. In a 59 point different for the same in his slugging personage, which was also tied for third. I think he's really good pick as someone to have a bounced back here this year. He had two surgeries in the off season his knee and his neck. He was dealing with blood of injury last year, and I wonder if those contributed to his very low hard hit rate, it was 34%. This was the guy who was at 47% last year in 2021 and 49% in 2020, but we know that he is really good eye for the strike zone. 99% on chase rate, so he is not chasing it all. And they feel like if he is healthy, he will get back to hitting the ball harder, which will solve a lot of those issues from last year. Number one number one is 15. So again, we've talked a lot about this incoming pitch timer and the 15 is for the amount of time picture gets with the bases empty, 15 seconds. So we don't have specific measurements from last season to walk us around. But saka didn't measure last year. Time between pitches Thrones and the difference is the timer is from receiving the ball back from the catcher to starting to delivering. So time between pitches thrown is obviously a larger number. But when the pitch armor was announced, there was a sort of average of how long it takes to receive that throw from the catcher. And that was subtracted. So we have this sort of a pitch time equivalent. And again, these aren't exactly what the numbers will look like for this year, but it's a pretty good estimation. So there were a couple of guys whose number with the bases empty was 15 seconds or higher last year, Shohei Ohtani of 15.7 seconds. Louis Garcia 15.2. Corbin burns at 15.1 and you Jarvis at 15. Again, that doesn't mean that if you use the role last year and they would have been in an estimation, but it gives you an idea of guys who may be entering training right now, making sure that they're going to not have any alarm go off, anything go to red, go to zero or anything. On the other side, because we should give credit to guys. We won't even have to worry about this. Here are a couple of the guys who are the fastest by this metric last year, so cool Irvin, E .1 seconds on that pitch timer

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