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Became a solo artist did it better than anyone that transition no one's done that i certainly didn't do it justin timberlake did it but it's a very very hard thing to do to get from a band together solve artists in and george nailed they ever want to george michael a go away right and then all of a sudden it is true but all of a sudden you know what when george decided he wanted to be known as more of a a legacy somewhere out of that they're not interested he some fun side bit year there's a some called heal the pain that george wrote on listen without prejudice and he was going through a beatles face that's what that whole recco was like he was obsessed with beatles and if you listen to the song praying for time it's like his imagine and that song oh my god it's hands even better today i'm so heal the pain was his paul mccartney tribute and there exists aversion where they sing it together and if you here paul singing the the the versus it's it's crazy sounds like a paul mccartney record it's absolutely crazy and i sorta did aversion together that our guests was never released but there is a point to all of this that i wanted to make which was if kind of extraordinary to see some just how many people love him and how it like when you see people like mary j blige speak about him or stevie wonder speak about george george went into the period after faith where.

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