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Hey how you daily ellipoid the, tech guy Tom computers the internet home theater digital. Photography smartphones we talk about smart watches we talk about. CPU's GP us All that jazz eighty eight eighty eight ask Leo. That's my phone. Number if you wanna talk high. Tech and. I want to I really feel bad now because I was I was suckered I was fooled I misunderstood miss read the CPU readings on this. I nine I just want to reiterate that the I nine MAC book pro does for me exactly what I wanted to do and it handles quite well the heavy, duty tasks that I wanna throw it a particularly as a as a developer as a programmer might not be ideal for compressing video or three sixty video but it sure does. The stuff I wanted to do. And it's been running consistently, and, almost four gigahertz for the last forty, five minutes, without any thermal slowdowns, with any, throttling. It's really done a good. Job so I think this is This is overblown and it just underscores how hard it is to understand this stuff unless this is your business and there are. Some websites like a non tech and spectators that are that it's their business they do this stuff all the time must is your business it's very easy to mystery, these numbers and misunderstand it and I think that's unfortunate because Apple's getting a little bit of a bad rap from a number of YouTubers primarily we're saying oh this thing is. Not doing what it's supposed to. Do I think it is I think it is it's expensive there's. No doubt about that Eight. Hundred eighty eight ask Leonelli we, gotta. Get some calls here let's go. To Sarah in Hutchinson Kansas. Been. Holding on for an. Hour thank. You for your patience welcome Hi I'm actually friends with your. Wife on Pokemon go now yeah, thank. You that's awesome when you put. Out information I went ahead. And She now has. Two hundred friends one of them is you that's awesome. Sarah, do you play you must I do well we've we. Play, as a. Family we. Like to go out and, walk around the neighborhood As a family you know what. Kills us you know my wife and I, are twelve year olds but our fifteen year old will play anymore zone I'm done with that oh we had so much fun two years ago when it came out and the reason this came up. Sarah noses but I'll tell the rest of you is because the. Folks who do, pokey, mongo Niantic. Updated it considerably over the last. Six months and really brought. Back a. Lot, of the fun? Of the. Game you. Can, have friends for one thing and. See where they go so thank you Sarah that's nice If she. Gets any gifts from Kansas and she knows where it's I'll say. Look for Sarah's, gifts, from Kansas I'm sure. That getting some. Pedal Luma gifts as well that's nice, thank you yeah we're least I. Should mention Lisa, iron now maxed. Out you can only have two hundred. Friends and so we both, do unfortunately, so no more no new friends What's your. Favorite Pok Mon I'm a Pika..

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