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My name is Tig Notaro from premium blend. Are you from premium Lund eighteen years ago I ever saw that which is nights honestly, such a shame for me, it's it's some of the best comedy. Yup, still hold up. Yeah. Remember the best. Yeah, you're. In accomplish, stand up comic something. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. You're also family and Mississippi started a an an Email chain. Pretty recently with just utter excitement about how I have a Wikipedia page. That's how -ccomplish I am and I'm CC'd on the chain and listening or reading my family, and this isn't me making a statement about, oh, my crazy, backwoods, Mississippi relatives. It's just interesting. What in their mind is like a big deal. Yeah, an wicked pedia page. Blew their mind. Can you think of other markers of success that they have been able to respond to. No. I really feel like that was kind of the biggest thing. Yeah. I mean, I think. I don't know. It seems like that that they're proud of me and they think other things are cool. But for some reason, having a Wikipedia page. And a lot of the the comments for like, don't forget the little people. Don't forget where you came like teasing me, but they but they had a genuine. Yeah, you know, weight behind Wikipedia. My my family gets really excited if I'm in the Chicago Tribune is like that's the paper that they've had delivered their whole lives and and my nice to read it before she passed away like every single day. So yes, sometimes I am in the Chicago Tribune and nothing will ever thank you so much for seeing me. I wonder if I've ever been in the Chicago Tribune. Sure. You have. Yeah, sure. You have my friend. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, accomplish to some accomplished stand up. I'm also like an actor now and writer in how does that feel around actor? It feels like there's been a terrible mistake. I don't know if you set out to act or no, certainly not. Nor did I ever think anybody would be like that face? That's the face. We gotta put that on a big, how big can we get the screen? What on a big screen, put it up there. Yeah, I didn't think they would be like that haircut. We got a haircut pretty recently. Have you seen it? It's short. I have a bulk up on right now, but I'll take it was going to ask you, but we got caught up in a different conversation and but it seems to stop. Yeah, it's I don't have. I don't have your. You'd see what look check it out. How long has it been since I've seen you we a minute. I'm a whole new guy I have like this. like this. This is. This, I don't know your ago. Myth. With fully acting in like impressive things. Yeah, you're making a movie right now where you just made a movie right now with I've Jennifer Aniston. No, no, no, that's not happening note. Is that happened yet? I've made other movies yet a movie with. Octavia Spencer and Mark Wahlberg and rose Byrne who are legitimate actors. And I feel like I've seen and I'm like, hey, I got hired to be in this two mine if I hang out. But that was fun. I just did a movie with Natalie Portman and some other namedrop people, and it's it's fun. My wife makes fun of me because I show up..

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