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Off your first month. In the lobby of Ramsey solutions, John Martin crystal or weather's got somewhere. Yeah. Fantastic. Good to have you guys. Where do you live, Texas, Tyler, beloved, and all the way up here to do debt free scream. Yes, sir. Fun. How much of you guys paid off? We've paid off three hundred ninety. Eight thousand dollars look at you and I long did this take eight years and nine months? All right, very good. And your range of income during that years? Nine months one hundred thousand to two hundred seventy five thousand mind. Goodness, that's job. So what do you guys do for a living? I'm a financial adviser, very good. Stay at home mom. Very cool. Good for you. Gosh. So I'm guessing eight years and almost four hundred thousand dollars that you paid off your house. I'm looking at weird people. How's it feel? Not have a house payment fills? Incredible Nabet. Awesome. Wow. What's the house worth? Three hundred sixty thousand. All right, Bon show three ninety. Eight was a bunch of other stuff in the house. What was the other stuff you paid off? We paid off a student loan credit cards and two cars, and of course the house. Yeah. Very cool. Good for you. So what happened? Eight years and nine months ago that put you on this journey in two thousand and eight. Joe marks income with cut in half at because of the recession, and we had built a new house in there, two years. And then we were saved on letter that we were ten thousand dollars shorten our escrow. Timing? Yeah. And we also had a tremendous amount of debt. I think it was around hundred thousand dollars, so we just didn't have the cash to pay that we didn't have her going to lose our house. And so we were just desperate and remember just praying to Lord, asking him to help us to get out of this deep debt. We come cross your book, the total money, makeover and read that. And we also took FPU and it just gave us hope that that we could do it. So with the financial being a financial adviser and a financial background, when you saw this stuff, your shields had to go up, you had to go. I don't know what you think. John Mark, Dave, they did it. I would have. Have. Then how did you what happened? The cause that to be overcome. I dunno dislike crystal said God was at work and our marriage, and we just jumped all in and we decided to to do this together and and we knew this is the right thing for us to do. And during this time your income has almost tripled. And so I'm guessing probably a few of your customers that you advise over the years of have been have heard your story then? Yes. Are they have. Yeah. When you start thinking different like that, it changes things. Absolutely. Very cool. Congratulations. You guys, what do you tell people? The key to getting out of debt is? I think the first thing is just to have hope. You know, if you don't have hope, you're stuck. We have folk hope you can move forward. That's a big deal. Also think the budget is definitely key in envelope system and after we paid our consumer debt off, we ended up falling off off the wagon and we quit doing our budget. Oh yeah. And you know, after living that way for while we just didn't know where money was going, we didn't feel peace and at we were like, we've got to get back on this and so we did and start doing the budget and envelope system stuff like the budget and envelope system. It's not taught in the courses that John Mark and took in finance that taught all these other things that are the sophisticated corporate maneuvers and measures of risk and statistics, and all these other things. But something as simple as doing a budget. I, I would wager John Mark, what percentage would you guess of the financial advisors that don't have a budget almost all most all of them they, yeah, as most people don't and it's like the cobbler's kids have no shoes kind of thing..

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