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In fact, Green Bay may run combination of Dexter Williams. Tyler Ervin in the backfield Tart. Richard James took part in limited practice and their questionable for tomorrow. Uh, tart's got a groin. James's got an ankle injury. Shanahan said. There'll be no Tevin Coleman know Deebo Samuel No Dimitrius Flanigan. Polls Obviously no Garoppolo and no kid will grapple by the way, still gathering multiple opinions for medical professionals before he decides whether or not to undergo ankle surgery, which would essentially and his season. Right lion to put quarterback Matthew Stafford on the Reserve Covert 19 list. Dante Pettis picked off waivers by the New York Giants, John Hammond says the San Francisco Giants are going to sign Trevor Bauer this offseason. He predicts Power's gonna get a $515 million deal from the Giants and ESPN is set to lay off hundreds of their employees. Getting as soon as tomorrow as they're still looking at a business with lots of people cutting the cord would see a global pandemic that those were the half past eight months. Tollberg, Kruger and Brooks now continue on KNBR 1045 and 6 80 sports leader. We don't do politics around these parts here on the Tolbert, Kruger and Brooke Show can't be. Are these sports leader? Because well, we're these sports leader. But gentlemen,.

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